Sky Graduate Finance Scheme 2012 - help please


Hi All

I’m just applying for the sky graduate finance scheme and am a bit stuck on the key priorities for the finance department at sky.
Has anyone got any suggestions? I’m struggling to find much info on their website and when you google it it comes up with every finance story which has been on sky news!



I actually had this question for the telephone interview and sort of messed it up even though it was part of the application.

  • cost implications for tv shows and being within budget
  • forecasts on success of their products and potential new products
  • they’ve acquired formula 1…what potential forecasts of getting increased customers etc…
  • and normal business operatings costs ie wages etc…

So 3 words: costs, budgets, forecasts

Telephone interview:

  1. too long can’t even remember what he said, basic gist was how does the finance team add value to sky, say what the finance team does and what decisions they need to make. (cannot believe i messed this up coz its just differently phrased like an essay)

  2. Teamwork example question

  3. Name a time you have a made mistake (and don’t refer to question 1 they don’t find that funny).

  4. Name a time when you made a creative solution (think commerically maybe a previous job)

I think i messed it up but good luck to you and anyone else.


hi i have an interview also, did they ask you much about sky and general news suh as their products etc… how long was ur interview? and about the costs, budgets, forecast… was that whats mentioned in their website or what u think? thanks x


they didn’t ask about sky and general news at all, it lasted 20 minutes. Costs, forecasts was mentioned in the video of the girl doing the finance grad scheme and also part of cima really.

I was surprised by the phone interview i prepared A LOT, but in the end it’s one essay question which they ask first, answer it carefully based on the finance team, it took me by surprise so know what the finance team does and how it can help sky add value what they look at on a day to day basis.

Also write down the question so you can look at it. It seemed almost too similar to application question but was phrased differently and that’s where i messed up.

The hr people are on your side, he even looking back gave me tips, (wish i’d taken some of them). You talk they type so try and fit in as many good points as possible. Take ten seconds to collect your thoughts, won’t matter. As for answering make sure you talk the way you would write an essay.

He even said this could take 20 or even 40 minutes, so it’s up to you how much you talk. The more the better as long as its relevant.

The rest is competencies like i said before.

At the end you can ask them questions…and then he asks whether there’s any dates your not available for assessment centre.

So after question 1 really it’s quite straightforward, Good luck.


hey Jaisi2011 - thanks for all the info u provided, yes the interview was pretty straight forward which is a huge relief, and it was relaxed. did the interviewer at the end ask u if u applied to anywhere else? I didnt know what to say but then again they can’t assume u have only applied to one company… anyways assessment day isn’t until december so quite a while! thanks again for your help x


Your welcome, you sound confident usually means you did well, I know where i made mistakes, good practice for my first even phone interview I guess, anyway won’t hold my breath on the assessment centre call. Yeah they did ask where else I applied I told them a few places, almost as if he wanted to see if you had gotten through to any assessment centres, or perhaps had any better offers so may not take them seriously, or maybe it would of shown you’re in demand. I named 3/4 places but only as far as telephone interview, maybe I should have lied…ah well. Good luck.


jasi dw i mentioned i had applied elsewhere as i thought if i said no, secretly my interviewer would think i was lying lol . have sky contacted u recently? or from what i’ve heard they can take weeks…


How are you guys doing?


Anyone else have a telephone interview?


I was wondering if anyone has had an assessment centre? If so, how long did it take them to get back to you either to reject you, or offer you a position?

Has anyone heard anything yet?


Yes. Had my AC 2 weeks ago. They called me back for today because they were unhappy with my presentation but felt the rest of my application was too strong to warrant a straight rejection.

Anyway, long story short I just got an offer this evening. Couldn’t be happier!


congrats on the offer.

I have an assessment centre this friday for the supply chain programme.
Not sure what to expect as information I have been given is lacking in detail!

What did the day go like for your schemes?


Hi WastedFun!

Congrats on the offer! I also have an offer starting in Sep 2012! I was wondering if you have received your contract yet?


No. Nothing has come through yet. Are you going to be in Osterley?


hello - how long did it take for you to hear from sky after the assessment centre?

They said to us last week they wanted to be quick and let us know within the week but its looking unlikely! I just want to know!


just got an email to say I am through to the next stage. which is another interview and a presentation.

all these stages!


That’s good news! Well done. What scheme is this for? That’s strange
as I thought the assessment day was the final stage!


cheers, yeah I thought it was the last stage too, but apparently some schemes they split the final round into two. It is for Supply chain, now called home services and supply. There were ten of us at the last stage for two places, so not sure how many have made it through to the last bit!

Have to do a case study presentation and another biographical interview. looking forward to it i think!


Sky have been good the past few years by taking graduates who are under represented in their company mainly women and ethnic minorities.


that is quite a random comment wikied. interesting to see where you got the data for that!