SKY Graduate Finance Programme 2013


Hi Guys

I had a telephone interview with Sky for their Graduate Finance Programme on 23rd Nov, haven’t heard back anything yet. The email for the phone interview it was mentioned that the Assessment centres will be held in the week commencing 17th Dec. Any one in the same boat?


I’ve got my telephone interview tomorrow for finance too and I was just wondering if you could give me any tips on what to expect in terms of the questions they ask. Would be much appreciated! As for them not getting back to you - I never heard anything for ages between submitting my form and being invited to the online tests so I emailed them and they sent me the invite within 3 days so maybe if it’s been a while, send them a polite email just checking on the progress of your application :slight_smile:



The interview was very straight forward:
She asked me questions like

  1. What is the role of the Finance dept at sky apart from the usual reporting stuff.
  2. What are the major changes that SKY has undergone in the last few years?
  3. Example of teamwork
  4. Example of taking responsibility
  5. One brain teaser - what is the number of songs on ipods in the UK?

She had to cut short the interview as she was coughing really bad! Haven’t heard anything then! Got an email today asking me to do a ‘assessment tool trial’ it seems like a recorded video interview. (Went to all the ppl who did the telephone interview, could be a clever way to filter out more people before the assessment center)


HI Guys :slight_smile:

I also did the telephone interview, and received the email for the assessment tool trial however do we need to take part in the trial, is it mandatory?


I asked the lady who mailed it…she said it’s not mandatory and the assessment centers have been moved to January/February! :frowning: But I applied to the Feb 2013 openings…don’t know what’s gonna happen! :confused:


Hi, I did the telephone interview on 27/11/12 and have an AC on Monday. Are you guys for the Feb entry at Osterley or the August one? I guess they are obviously sorting the Feb position out first.

Anyone else at the AC on Monday? How are you finding the presentation?


Hi jbman

I am for the Feb entry at Osterley! I haven’t heard anything - not even a reject email. Have been trying to get in contact with the graduate team at SKY, but haven’t received any update :frowning: When did you find out about the AC? Guessing, they have rejected me after the telephone interview


Hi ra11

Thanks for your reply. My interview was almost exactly the same as your’s. I was told I’d hear back within 3-4 weeks and assessment centres would be in January at some point - going to feel like aaages!


I tried calling the SKY switchboard number yesterday and the operator told me she cannot connect me to anyone in grad recruitment unless I have a name. So I have been thinking to ask the operator to connect me to the lady who took my interview, i have her name…but not sure if it is a good idea!


Hi all, my team run the graduate programmes at Sky and I am sorry that you’ve experienced idfferent response times. Please email us on graduate.recruitment at referring to this conversation and I’ll ensure that we get an update for each of you. Responses are normally 3 working days but will be longer over the Christmas holidays. Thanks for applying to the Finance programme - it’s really great (although I am biased). Rowena


Hey, Applied for finance at sky. Through to the assessment stage. Can anyone tell me is the test difficult? I assume its mainly numerical but some of the practice SHL questions seem quite difficult.


Completed the online test about 5 days ago, but haven’t heard anything yet. How long after the test did everyone hear about an interview/rejection? I’ve applied for the Sky Finance Feb 2013 btw…so I’m assuming that they will be wrapping up the recruitment process pretty soon if they want people to start in Feb!


The dates of the assessment centre have changed so please email us on graduate.recruitment at, referring to this conversation, to request an update on your application. Thanks for applying to the Finance programme, Rowena


hey guys i have my assessment centre next monday for the finance team, does anyone else, or has anyone been to it with tips? thanks


Hey coop22, I have an assessment centre on Friday. Was yours today? How did it go? Any tips on the interview or anything else would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Yes Coop22 - i second that! How was the assessment day… any tips and can you explain your experience please?


Hey EW282 did you year back after the online test? Completed it over a month ago not had a rejection but not heard anything further either. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


Has anyone applied this year?
I applied for Finance grad scheme back in 20th of October but haven’t heard anything yet? Anyone in the same position?


Hey, I sent them an email last week, and they said that they wll be getting back to people this week. Although it is Thursday now, so I don’t have much hope!


has any1 been contacted yet? i sent my application 2 months ago and sent them email and they said they would contact me b4 xmas, but still nothing…