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I thought I would start a thread on Sky’s Betting and Gaming Marketing Scheme.

I have already had a telephone interview for the scheme,and I think it went pretty bad!

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a telephone interview and how they thought theirs went?

Also, if anyone has heard back about Assessment Centres yet?

Thanks x



I’ve also applied for this scheme. Had the telephone interview (think it went ok) and now just waiting to hear back.

I got told the assessment day would be 8th feb so bit concerned I haven’t heard anything.

Have you heard anything yet?



I was told the 8th Feb also, and I still haven’t heard anything.

Its actually driving me mad now

Fingers and toes crossed!


I do still have the number of the guy that interviewed me. Half tempted to phone and ask what the situation is. I did email the address on the contact page on the sky careers website, but no reply

Its good to know someone else is in the same boat if you know what I mean.

Have you had much experience in the betting world?

Hope to hear something soon!


I still have the number of the guy who interviewed me too - and I was considering calling them number also, but Im not sure whether to or not!?

Ive sent lots of emails and had no response.

I’ve had no experience in the betting world really, and my experience is in Events Marketing, I know a bit about gambling and have played a few games of bingo but thats it really!


I had my interview in early Jan and I haven’t heard anything yet either, do you know if they will let us no either way if we are through to the next stage??


I would like to think they would let us know either way. Just a simple email saying “thanks, but no thanks” can’t be that hard can it?

Looking at some of the other Sky threads is that they have had a few problems arranging peoples phone interviews so they have put the assessments back.

I dunno… Beginning to lose faith.


Ive still not heard after 3 weeks - its driving me mad now!

I can’t believe would it take this long!


Got an email back today. Got rejected.

Good luck to the rest of you.