Skills attained from Retail work


I have got a question asking what skills I obtained from retail work, and have matched it up against the competencies required by the employer, and as teamwork is already taken which was an obvious suggestions, I am stuck as to what to write.

Any ideas what competencies could be learnt from retail work?


Helpful, very helpful.

What’s the point of a forum for discussion if you just respond with useless posts?

I had some ideas and have shown that I’m not just looking for someone to write me an answer, I have matched some key competencies from PwC as I said before, and wanted to check them against other peoples’ opinions.

Frankly Sir, everyone has something to bring to a conversation, and in the future I recommend you bring silence.


Sorry, didn’t mean that to turn out snippy.


You could well apply working on your own initiative as a competency actually, depends what sort of retail work it was. Providing excellent customer service, developing communication skills, responsibility for cash-handling, supervising colleagues…


Just to share I have been thinking:

Ethics & Responsibility: Important to being an accountant, and as the example working on the tills and being trusted to manage the float in the morning and cash up in the evening.
Initiative: Not all tasks are outlined or delegated, and I learnt to take the initiative and try and preform roles, which lead to me being promoted to weekend manager even though I was weekend staff.
Communicate with Empathy: Not all customers spoke English well, or as their native tongue, and I learnt how to communicate at appropriate levels and empathise with their needs.

Its only 200 words, so I was thinking if I write that out properly I should be good :slight_smile:

And its OK, just been seeing a lot of people snapping at others when they ask simple questions everyone starts somewhere, I’m sure your potential employers wouldn’t like to see that behaviour :stuck_out_tongue:


Working under pressure is always a good one, especially during Christmas period etc. Leadership can be used if you’ve been asked to supervise or train beginners.