SJ BERWIN!!!!!!!!!!


Right, I am aware that there is a thread relating to this topic but it seemed to get side-tracked with discussions of BLP.

I really really want my TC here and am through to the final interview.




[[SJ Berwin]] are a great firm according to all the reports I’ve heard and the graduate scheme / training contract sounds well structured - no wonder you want it!

Have you seen our interview profile which features tips on the interview - [[sj berwin training contract interview questions]] ?

Also check our articles on [[case study|case studies]] and [[partner interviews]].

No more specific info myself - has anyone here been through this interview process before? …any more tips?!

Good luck!


thanks for the reply!

its a shame, I was really banking on one of your long-winded replies with every little juicy detail! The wiki stuff is not so detailed for SJ Berwin so I’m really relying on someone who has been through the process.



Haha! …you’ll have to retract from [[SJ Berwin]] and apply to some firms we have better profiles for! :slight_smile:


Anyone? lol


…you might have to be the guinnea pig for this one…


Good luck in the interview, when is it?


Hi There,

Does anyone have any feedback to give from the interview process for a TC at SJ Berwin?


It’s not too bad. Have you got an interview/assessment day coming up? I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My [[training contract]] interview process was:

  • online application
  • first round interview
  • second round interview

The first round interview was with two corporate partners (one from reconstruction and insolvency and the other from corporate finance).

There were two parts to the interview. ‘’‘Part one’’’ was an unseen [[case study]]. Prior to going in you are given 20 minutes to read through a fairly hefty case. You must prepare a 10 minute [[presentation]] (a proposal based on this case study) to the partners who act (role play) as clients. They ask you questions. ‘’‘Part two’’’ is a normal interview. In the case study, they just want to know if you can spot the issues, analyse and conclude. Questions asked post-case study (as I remember):

  • looking at your A levels you had a creative start, why pursue law now?
  • Tell us about working in Australia.
  • Have you any questions for us?

Other than the case study, the interview was most concerned with getting to know your personality and character. The interviewers were friendly and relaxed; encouraging.

The unseen case study is really not too bad. the interview was good too - difficult, but the firm’s interviewers are very friendly. After the interview HR spent time talking to me and I visited the department I would/may be working in.


Oh ok thanks for the information. I have a place on the vacation scheme. At the end of the week I have been told that I will have an interview for a TC.

The interview process is two hours long right?

1 hour for the case study and 1 hour for the generalised interview?

Sorry I was getting muddled about how long the interview process if!


hausa18, i have an interview for the vac scheme tomorrow- what was your interview like? would really appreciate any advice at all- questions etc…congrats on getting a place!