SJ Berwin Interview

Clifford Chance


I have an interview next week with SJ Berwin (for VS), and wanted to know if anyone had any tips about this? Also, do you think their interviews are harder/easier than other firms’? (I recently had an assessment day with Clifford Chance).



You can’t really say if an interview/assessment centre is harder or easier. It depends a lot on the people (if you get friendly or tough people) and the standard of people the firm are looking for.

Have you searched through the forums for S J Berwin stuff… I think there’s a few threads already. Also… have you seen the wiki’s at [[SJ Berwin]]?


karina how did your interview go? any tips?


karina how did your interview go? any tips?


just had it on Friday, so still waiting to hear from them… Does anyone know if they call regardless if it’s an offer/rejection?


Did they say that they would call? What type of questions were u asked?


hi karina, i’d be really grateful if you were able to give me a heads up about the type of questions they asked you at the vs interview…have you heard from them yet?