SJ Berwin 2nd round interview


Does anyone have an idea about SJ Berwin second round interview for TC? Which kind of questions the partners may ask? What is exactly the case study?
Thank you very much for your help… to be honest, I have never been so anxious!!!


Have you seen the interview questions Wiki Profile? - [[Berwin Leighton Paisner Training Contract Interview Questions]]

Information on the second round partner interview is towards the bottom of the profile - good luck!


When’s the interview?

Good luck!


My interview is at the end of the week…
Thanks a lot for your answer, but I m affraid that Berwin Leighton Paisner hasnt the same system of interview than Sj Berwin.


Woops! Sorry I didn’t read your post properly… Unfortunately I don’t know anything about SJ Berwin… I’ll ask a friend of mine to post on here though if he knows anything…

Good luck!


My friend put some details up here for SJ Berwin - see [[SJ Berwin Training Contract Interview Questions]].

Hope its not too late! …otherwise, how did your interview go? Did you get a TC?!


sorry for my info…if you get thru to the vac scheme for SJ Berwin you automatically have a TC interview at the end of the week…do u still have to do the case study as well as the one to one interview?