Situational Judgment test rejection

Civil Service Fast Track
Network Rail

I have now been rejected after situational/behavioural tests from Network Rail, Eon and the Civil service. I don’t understand. Am i just not the type of person who should be employed by anybody, ever?
How can I pass one of these tests without a brain transplant.

It’s so depressing to have my personality quantified and rejected :frowning:

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I got this too with Network rail, did same test twice. Its a silly test because real situations differ, and the answers they provide arent always the most viable. Forget them anyway, they suck!!!

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Yeah, thanks. Luckily, I’m more interested in technical jobs and a lot of those only have the numerical tests which I usually find easy. I just can’t understand why I am apparently so bad ad judging situations. The worse thing is you have no idea what they wanted or how well you scored, at least if you do mess up a maths test you know why or which questions.

I was looking at EON and they were only taking 10 graduates this years so probably had to score almost identically to their preferred answers.
Oh well, keep trying I guess.

Good luck to everyone out there in the same boat!


:frowning: Oh I am sorry guys to see all this. I am in the same situation as well. I hope something works out for everyone.

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Read the skills specified to the role. Lets say there are four key competencies and the priorities are on the following order:

Team work > Communication > Problem Solving > Attention to Details.

Answer every questions according to this order. So if a question says: I find team environment less productive and enjoy working on my own. Than you should go this is least likely to be yourself.

Also if a statement implies Communication is more important than Attention to Details than you should agree with it.

Honesty is important but in current job market it will take you no where. If you continue to have difficulty in these tests than you may want to apply for jobs which does not require you to take these tests. Most of the financial services organisations do not require these tests. Best of luck.


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Dear AJ!

Thank you so much for this. :slight_smile:


Take note that when they offer either/or or middle options - i.e. how storngly do you agree to XXxxx statement - agree Very strongly, agree strongly, neither agree/disagree, disagree, disagree strongly - that you do not pick the either/or option too much. They want you to try make an assesment of yourself and too many of this category could see yourself failing the test. :frowning:

Lil. x


I prefer numerical too. Im applying to firms that do not have these shoddy tests. They dont measure anything because real situations differ and there are usually 10-15 things you could do rather than 3-4 restricted things. Ah well! they are losing out on us good candidates!

good luck to all


i’m the same as you guys, these SJ tests are actually killing me :frowning:

ive got one with zurich soon… heres hoping i can pass this one at least :frowning:


Hello all, I had this test from E.ON this year and I didint passed. it;s just silly as every single of those questions are quastionable… and depends in what wat are you thinking. I already recieved letters of apologize from UK power networks, E.On, Amey… looking forward from National grid, british sugar, marshal aerospace… My self - electrical engineer with 2.1 honours degree and I’m starting to think that I wont be able to pass any of those SJT… ever… as different person thinks in different ways. .


Hi all,
I have something to add here, too… some of these tests are ridiculous, and tell you absolutely nothing about someone’s abilities. Some companies have 4 or so tests in a row, personality, numerical verbal, logical etc. All this is just to reject as many ppl as they can. These situation and personality tests can be down to pure luck, as you have said.

I prefer a direct process, where the company gets to know me in reality, but looks like this is becoming impossible in UK.

Keep trying people, you are not alone…


The best thing to do is take practice tests before your real tests - that will set you up to do the best you can. You can find practice SJT here -


I totally agree. These tests ARE ridiculous. The government should make these employers scrap them.


this was extremely helpful!! thank. so, basically lie about it. I hate that because they do say " be yourself" and also, the job descriptions are so vague nowadays, meaning that we do not have something to guide us on behaviour. Do you suggest us googling what are the priorities they normally advise having for a job role? I mean, often times it just depends on the team also & how they work!