Situational Judgement Tests


Hi all,

I work for a company that has designed many situational judgement tests (SJT) and also helps individuals in their preparation.

If anyone has any questions or needs help regarding their [ situation judgement test] I am happy to help.



Hi Chris,

I have been invited by KPMG for a SJT and I have no clue what is it about!!

I was hoping you could guide me and tell me how to approach it.



Hi Akhil,

I would be happy to help you.

Do you have an idea of the format of the SJT test (there are many different ones around at the moment)? What information have you been sent so far?




The best thing to do is to practice. You can find Situational Judgement Tests here - [ click here]


Hey Chris,

I tried checking but I have no idea what type of a SJT it is. I tried searching as their mail provides no particular clue.

The mail says: " This part of our
application process is the completion of a Situational Judgment Test
(SJT), which presents realistic scenarios to you, and asks you to
select what you believe to be the most relevant solution.

At KPMG, a large element of your work will involve making decisions.
The SJT not only gives you a real insight into the types of situations
that could arise throughout your time with us, it also shows us how
you might deal with each type of scenario."

I was hoping if you could give me some generic advice as to how can I go about it.



There isnt much generic advice I can give you in a couple of lines of text. The main thing I would say though is to practice some SJTs that are online, there are a few free ones or you can pay for more detailed tests.

I know our workbook at covers the type of test you have talked about and also explains how to approach these kind of tests. It has helped many people out before so it might be worth taking a look at.