situational judgement test


Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well.
I need to do the Situational Judgement Test for KPMG (Audit). However, I read on a previous post that we need to refer to the company’s competencies.
I have thus visited KPMG’s website and came across this web page:

So the competencies (in order of appearance on the page, top to bottom) are as follow:
-career motivation
-delivers quality

  • drives collaboration and inclusion
  • strives for continual improvement
  • exercises professional judgement
  • makes an impact
  • awareness (and seizure) of business opportunities
  • demonstrates innovation and curiosity

So my question is: are these competencies in order of importance? In my answers, would I need to put career motivation (and pick agree/strongly agree for a question relating to this) above all the others as they come next on the website? Or, does the order not matter?

Also, I just received an email today, how long do I have to complete the test (2 days? 1 week?)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH :slight_smile:


To be honest, the test is very straight forward and doesn’t require any preparation. It is just common sense. (I sat it last week)


Hi groovy2010,
what happened then, did you do the test? I need to do mine too and was wondering about the same things.


Hi there,

as bt_1000 told the test doesn’t need any preparation. I think you will have upto one week to do the test

the key behaviours are equally important, u need to demonstrate all of them and u have to pass all of them in each stage to get an offer.

hope that helps


Bt_1000, I was wondering how long did it take KPMG to organise an interview for you? and invite you later to the ac? Since I sat the online tests (2 weeks ago), I am still waiting for my interview? do you think it differs on which route you are applying for?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It took about 6 weeks after passing the online tests to be invited to book interview, and a further 4 weeks or so to book AC. So you may have a long wait ahead of you…


Dear All,
I am applying for KPMG’s Graduate Audit program 2012, and am going to submit my application.
Any advice on how to prepare for the Situational Judgement Test, and what to expect in it.

Your advice is highly valued.