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Hey all! Iam from Singapore in my final year engineering and started applying for Graduate positions with the following Banks:- RBS, Barcap, UBS, DEUTSCHE Bank,JPM etc. Finished online tests for DB and UBS. Invited for Psychometric tests by RBS. Any idea of how these would be. Early help needed as i plan to take it on Friday the 21st Sep.Thanks in Advance


Hi, I’m from Singapore as well but living in UK at the moment. Which position did u apply for UBS and RBS? I have not received test invite. Do u have any idea if it’s auto invite? thanks!


For UBS it is auto invite. sometimes you get a test invite after a day or two. Finance Role. RBS takes long. It is based on yr profile and they called me after a week or so. Sales Analyst role in Markets and IB singapore. Hope this helps.


finished my pychometric tests for RBS. within 15 mins invited for Logical Reasoning tests. Very tough though. About 12 questions- 12 mins roughly each having about 20 options. No shl type. Each question is individually timed and the last 4 were really tough.Later in the A/n got an invite for numerical reasoning tests which i plan to take tomorrow morning.


Cheers! I’ve applied for UBS position for more than a week, no updates nor test invites. Good luck with your application! Let’s keep each other updated!


@apple111. completed my numerical tests now now. 12 questions- 12mins with unlimited options- think more than 50. Though i knew the answer could not spot it in the endless options list. Sigh!! Not able to tell how I did it. Keeping fingers crossed!


UBS sends an automatic test invite.

And yeah, I don’t think you should join RBS in times like these, better shop around for other offers. But given you get an offer at RBS, you can still use it to get accelerated interviews elsewhere.


I haven’t got the RBS offer yet. I completed the numerical tests yesterday and the message i got is " You have completed the online exercises and your application is under consideration" . I dont know when they will inform me of the outcome. Do you mean to say that RBS is not safe now? The other Banks take their own time for replying so i thought first thing first. I have an Exxon interview on Oct 4th. Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance.


So that was the “pre-screening” stage (given you passed it). Now somebody will actually take a look at your application.

Regarding RBS: It’s not a good place to start a career in these times, they’re scaling back their IB (plans about spinning off their M&A business to a M&A boutique have been around), lot of issues w/ govt. and tax payers etc and you don’t really have real job security. I would only join RBS if I had no other offer in hand. (But that’s just me).

One thing buddy: You got to be more specific. You just write “yeah I applied to RBS”, “I have an interview at Exxon” etc. Are you interviewing for the janitor position, oil trader,, risk, financial analyst? You know what I mean?

I’m an analyst (NatRes Group - Oil & Gas in particular) at one of the boutiques in LND (LAZ, RS), hence I think I can answer you some questions about Exxon if you have something more specific. Furthermore, here’s a link that may be useful for you “” And no, you’re not expected to read everything, but it can give you some insights in the O&G industry. Although it’s a little bit outdated, it still provides a good overview. Just skip it when you have some spare time.


@ One Fellow Monkey .Thanks for the reply. I am a Mech Engr Undergraduate with minor in business pursuing CFA simultaneously. Want to become a financial analyst in any good company. My interview in Exxonmobil is for a Mechanical and Production engineering role. I Prefer finance role to Mech Engr role. Your opinion on RBS worries me though i have not got a call till now.


Hi! I am from Singapore too. I applied to UBS, JP Morgan and DB. So far I have not heard anything from any of the banks. I also received the auto-invite from UBS to sit for the logical and numerical reasoning test. Let us keep each other posted. :slight_smile:


I applied for UBS about 2 or 3 weeks ago but did not receive any feedback about my application. Does anyone know how to track application on the site. They give an option to log in only when you apply for some job.


@skyblue. Definitely. How about RBS? They are much faster than any of these Banks and give your feedback after applying.
@ Lala- You will be invited for online tests soon after which you can log into UBS careers site and check your status.


@nlr I did not apply to RBS… Dun think RBS is in a good shape now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hai Guys! Finished my telephonic interview today from 10 to 11 A.m Singapore time. Was about 50 mins. Usual standard questions about RBS, why this role etc. The interviewer was bit slow in noting dow all I said. Within an hour i get an email telling _ " Thanks for your time for the telephonic interview. At this stage we cannot tell you if you will progress to the next stage as we have to assess many other high profile candidates. As of now we can say that we are still interested in your application and will be in contact with you if found suitable. "
Meanwhile my status message says" Telephonic interview completed and application is under consideration"
What does this mean?


@ nlr3169

how long did it take for RBS to invite you for the telephone interview after you completed the numerical test?


five working days


Hey guys,
I’ve also been applying to Graduate Positions in SG. Applied to JPM and DB as of now. Anyone get through to the interview stage for these firms?
Will keep you guys posted.


hi Guys - WikiJob have a new international section here:


Got a reject mail from deutsche bank reason being" we received lot of high quality applicants and the competition is very intense kind" . Good that they told me so early after they asked for my transcripts last week Friday. Hoping to hear from other banks now but i believe that will be only early November as most of the Grduate positions in Singapore have their deadlines till end Oct and for Barcap it is till Nov 15th. So keep waiting!