Singapore 2011-2012: Barclays, Credit Suisse, UBS. Phone interview questions, assessment center details

Credit Suisse

Hi all,

I am from Singapore and I am currently applying to all the banks here in Singapore for a full time placement in 2012 cycle.

I think this is a good forum for everyone who is applying to Banks in Singapore. We can use this forum to keep each other updated and discuss the application processes such us phone interview and assessment center.

So let me get started:

So far I have applied to Barclays Capital, UBS and Credit Suisse. But unfortunately I have not heard from any banks yet though I heard that BarCap has already started their phone interview for the Operation Analyst positions.

Anyone has any updates regarding the Barclays phone interview? Anyone applying to Technology or Finance in Barclays got a call?



Hi, I am from Singapore as well. I think its a good idea to keep each other updated through this forum.

I applied for barcap structuring role but so far haven’t heard anything from them. Completed the numerical test last week, so I guess if they are still considering me I would expect to get a phone interview within next 1-2 week. So I guess you applied for technology and finance?


Hi bohemian,

Yes I have applied to Barcap Finance and another friend of mine in Technology. Do you know anyone who got a call from barcap other than operations?


Hi. I’m looking for summer internship and heard back from J.P. Morgan Research, going for an interview on Friday. I guess it’s still pretty early, so don’t worry too much, cheers.


One of my friends applied for trading in Barcap and nothing so far from them. I have applied to literally all the banks here in Singapore, so far only RBS Structuring who has got back to me (phone interview this Friday). Ohh and got rejected straight away by BNP Trading, their application process was a little bit weird though, didn’t ask for my qualification, education or past experience, Just fill in your name and address and complete some situational judgment test, and voila… either you make it or break it, wouldn’t take more than 15 mins to complete the whole process.

How are you guys confident of landing a job in the midst of impending crisis like today? I can see the options available in SG are very very limited for graduates (heck… even Deutsche only opened application for Human Resource this year…)


Hi guys, I’m in the midst of applying to RBS for graduate technology programs. Is anyone else applying for the same? How is the response? I took my sweet time with just the application process, wonder how tough the later stages are going to be!


Hi Maureen,

I believe RBS online test is a bit “different” than other banks. They uses TalentQ instead of SHL, so be prepared for it!


Hi, bohemian
DB also open other roles, but already close in Sept.


RBS online test was different from SHL, it gets harder as you get more questions right. Passed it and got a phone interview back in September. You’ll get asked questions and answer them as the outsourced phone screener types your answers into their system, which felt kinda weird.


i applied to CS for Private Banking but got rejection immediately T.T i guess because i did not do any internship before hand…and for Equity at Barcap but just when i was preparing for my verbal test, the HR in Asia emailed me and said that all positions have been filled…I was really dissappointed :((


GBM Tech position is closed already?


Hi guys,

I think I too have exhausted all my options. Waiting to hear back after online tests from a few banks.

Has anyone here applied to BP for their trader development program?


Hi Guys. I’m one of the founders of WikiJob. I spotted your conversation about graduate schemes in Singapore and am interested to find out some more. Is WikiJob popular in Singapore generally or did you guys just stumble across this forum? Are there any other type of job website in Singapore offering graduate schemes?
Thanks and good luck to you all in your applications/interviews!


Hi Redsuperted.

Well done with Wikijob.

I’m not sure about the rest, but I personally stumbled across this site as with thestudentroom and wallstreetoasis. I’m not sure but I doubt that there are specialty sites like these in Singapore.


Hi Redsuperted,

Thanks for setting up such a good site. It is very useful for us, the young, hungry, but inexperienced job hunters, as There are plenty of information can be found here to prepare for our job application. I myself stumbled across this page when I was gathering info for my phone interview, I found that there are a lot of kind souls here willing to help and share their experience. From my knowledge, So far, this is the only site which offers Singapore specific thread for discussion. Maybe it is a good idea to set up some other country specific thread (ie hong kong/tokyo) as it may help to increase the popularity of this site.


Hi Redsuperted,

I am a graduate from a Singapore university and wikijob has been one of my most useful sources for gathering information on competency tests and interview questions for graduate opportunities in Singapore. Though I believe this is the first dedicated thread for Singapore, Sg students are quite active in asking questions and sharing information since most institutions discussed here are global and follow a standard recruitment process.



hay I’m going to Barcap Tech AC this thursday…anyone been to it before?


hey, take a look at this
hope u find it useful… goodluck with ur AC


Anyone heard from BarCap Sales programme for 2012 (Singapore)? I have a feeling they’re done hiring for this role, but want to confirm this… Anyone with calls or rejections?


Dear all,

I am a Chinese but desire to apply for big four in Singapore. But I dont know when Singapore companies, especially big four start to recruit graduates? Could anyone be kind enough to let me know?

Many thanks!!!