Simmons-Simmons interview



Has anyone done a telephone with Simmons-Simmons HK?

Mine was on Tuesday and only went for 11 min’s. Haven’t heard from them since. Does this mean that they are basically not interested in my application? Any adivse?



Hey LY123. I imagine this was fairly similar to the UK [[Simmons & Simmons]] [[telephone interview]]… did you get [[competency based questions|competency questions]] and questions about the firm?

11 minutes is short, but this could be because you did well as much as doing badly. Telephone interviews are only used as a method of preliminary screening after all. How do you feel the interview went. Good/Bad?

Candidate usually get feedack pretty soon after a telephone interview. Although I have heard of people waiting over a week, I suggest you call [[Simmons & Simmons]] to find out how you did if you don’t hear anything after a few more days.


Redsuperted, thx for the post.

Well, got rejected last Fri. A couple of my friends have also done their interviews w Simmons & Simmons HK and have also got rejected. I haven’t got any competency questions or any questions about the firm at all. All i got was questions about my marks and why did i converted an Australian H2B into 2:2 (well, i was told by the HR that it should be a 2:1); and some other personal questions and that is about it. So all those time I spent searching for the news and recent deals bout the firm wasted.

Any one has any tips at all about how to do a telephone interview? Coz even they are used to screen candidates, they appear hard to me and the HK law firms are very reluctant to give feedbacks.



Have a look at this article on [[telephone interview]]s. Law firms should be giving feedback - you can call them up after your interviews to get it, if they don’t call you. Feedback is so useful, to improve your interview technique. Where else are you applying to?!


Saw that article before and followed its advise but still have not succeeded.

I have tried either by phone or by e-mail to ask for feedback, but the only response from them was that it is company policy that they don’t give feedback. Clyde & Co, Allen & Overy and now Simmons-Simmons. So never really found the way to improve my performance. But the Simmons one was a bit strange, i kind of sense their dis-interest after they have sorted out the conversion of my results. Well, after-all, they had to ask two extra questions to get the response they want. So i guess they were not so certain about my communication skill?!

I am waiting for response from Jones Day and Skadden, so yes, hoping that i get something at the end… Any firm that you think might be easier to get an interview or get into? Are you familiar with the HK legal market?


Any news on Skadden - could you give us your interview feedback?