Simmons & Simmons first assessment

Simmons & Simmons

Hi guys,

I’ve been told that I have been invited by S&S to attend an initial interview whereby I will have to undertake a written exercise and V.R test.

I’m a little bit unsure as to what to expect from the written exercise. Has anyone done this and if so, please share :slight_smile:



I am in the same boat, i’m not sure what the written exercise entails. But I was told I would have a critical reasonng test not a verbal reasoning one!?


yeh sorry i wasn’t clear. Ive been asked to do a watson glaser critical thinking test.

does anyone know where i can practice these for free? besides the lovells website?


I haven’t found too many practice tests on line, but Linklaters have a short practice test on their site. And Jobtestprep have some sample materials too.
And as far as I know you have to take the Watson-Glaser that is the critical reasoning test.


Watson-Glaser is the critical reasoning test and is not as scary as it sounds though it is conducted in quite a pressurized environment. The staff at Simmons are lovely though and should put you at ease.

If you want any professional help in preparing for interviews or assessments, just let me know.