Simmons & Simmons Assessment Day

Simmons & Simmons

Any one can provide any tips/pointers/suggestions about the Simmons & Simmons assessment day? I have mine in two weeks. Many thanks in advance.


A little bit of a limited resource on WikiJob… but have you seen the [[Simmons & Simmons Interview Questions]] profile. I’ll have a nose around and see what I can come up with on this, but may not be able to find too much this time! Good luck… have you got any info so far yourself?


How did it go?

I had mine in September! …what year are you applying to start your training contract? Have you heard back yet?

My assessment day involved:

  • A document exercise - 30 minutes to read about an issue
  • 1st interview - 45 minute interview with tax partner in relations to the document exercise
  • 2nd interview - Finance partner on personal questions i.e. CV + motivation to career.
  • Lunch with the trainees
  • Writing exercise. You are given a scenario and have to write a letter on behalf of the ‘client’.
  • There was no group exercise but the whole day was extremely relaxed.

‘’‘Document Exercise’’’
The first task was the document exercise. This involved spending half an hour reading a group of documents (e.g. share buy-out scheme, company merger, shares in an acquisition, etc). There was more material than one could reasonably read in the time. One therefore had to be able to pick out what was important and what wasn’t.

‘’‘1st Interview (HR or associate or Partner)’’’
After the half-hour to read for the document exercise, I was interviewed by a partner about the document. Although I didn’t know the answer to several of the questions asked, the partner, rather than simply telling me the answer, asked me other questions to point me in the right direction. I felt it was a very constructive process.

I was asked detailed questions on what roles of banks was in the transaction, different classes of shares, why they would go up/down, why the value would increase after an offer would be made. Loan notes, alternatives and their functions. They’re not necessarily looking for the correct answer - but more analytic approach.

‘’‘2nd Interviewer (HR or associate or Partner)’’’
My second interview was with an associate, and was a fairly standard interview - my motivation for doing law, academic background, outside interests etc. I was also asked to pick out a favourite film and explain my choice.

I was asked why I preferred a big firm to a small firm, why Simmons & Simmons - talked a lot about my year abroad, what did I find challenging, etc. Asked whether I faced any difficulty in the past and how I dealt with them. Quoted and asked questions from my covering letter and CV.

Other questions I was asked were:

  • Why law?
  • Why Simmons & Simmons?
  • Why not law as an undergraduate degree?
  • What part of my course did I enjoy best?
  • What part did I enjoy least?
  • Which other firms did I apply to?

‘’‘Written Exercise’’’
My [[written exercise]] involved dealing with a complaint made to a travel company by a client. I had to respond to the complaint with regards to the terms and conditions of the holiday.

During the day I got the impression that Simmons & Simmons were most interested in assessing our [[commercial awareness]]. We were also assessed on personality, ability to cope with new ideas, our analytical skills and our enthusiasm.

Overall the day was good and everyone was very friendly and genuinely interested in me as a candidate. The other exercises of the assessment day were at times quite challenging. However, overall, the atmosphere was very comfortable.


That’s really helpful, thank you! I have my TC Assessment Centre there next week…

Was just wondering when it finishes? Is it just close of business? Need to know whether to cancel an evening engagement or not and their website seems to be dead at the moment (let’s hope it fixes itself before Thursday!)