Simmons and Simmons Assessment Day


Hello hello. What can I expect from a graduate Assessment Day at Simmons and Simmons?



I found this on the internet for you:
“First, you’re given a document to read and then asked questions about it, followed by some business questions. There is then a general interview, focusing on your CV, and we also discussed an ethical dilemma. I felt pretty happy throughout the interview - in stark contrast to a previous interview in which I had received rather more tough treatment than I had expected, I was ready to be challenged on various parts of my CV but my Simmons interview was more like a discussion than a defence!” She was very pleased when the firm offered her a training contract a few days later."

Also this:

* Web: [url][/url]
* Telephone: 020 7628 2020
* Fax: 020 7628 2070
* No. of Trainees: 100
* No. of Trainee Vacancies: 50
* Training contract application deadline: 31-Jul-08
* Selection
      o Individual interview: No
      o Panel interview: No
      o Assessment day: Yes
      o Psychometric test: No
      o Written exercise: No
* No. of Seats: 4
* Opportunities Abroad: Yes
* Vacation Schemes
      o No. placements: 40
      o Summer vacation scheme application deadline: 31-Jan-08
* GDL/CPE Intake: 50%
* GDL/CPE funding
      o Fees: Yes
      o Maintenance: £5,000
* LPC funding
      o Fees: Yes
      o Maintenance: £7,500
* Salary/benefits
      o Start: £36,000
      o Qualification: £63,500
      o Season ticket loan: Yes
      o Healthcare: Yes
      o Pension scheme: Yes
      o Life assurance: Yes
      o Bonus scheme: Yes
      o Gym membership: Yes
      o Subsidised lunch: Yes
      o Free taxis after hours: Yes