Signing two contracts


Hey all!

I have been lucky enough to get an offer from Deloitte ACA sep 10 however, I currently am on my last stage with PwC. I prefer PwC over Deloitte however Deloitte contract signing date is just next week and I will now know about PwC till then.

Does signing two contract really matters provided I get an offer from PwC as well, Is it reasonable to do in this situation? Any advice will be welcomed.



Lots of people do this - and then tell the other that they have changed their mind

Most likely they will not say anything (As they have so many candidates anyway and they know some are likely to drop out) - however legally they would be entitled to hold you to it (unless it has some getout clause for before the startdate)

You could tell Deloitte that you have an outstanding app and ask them to delay the deadline for a fortnight?


I have mentioned this before on another thread I think.
I know a candidate who had the same problem. Deloitte offer and still being processed by PwC. He told Deloittes he wanted more time to think about the offer. He had his Deloite deadline for acceptance extended by 3 weeks ( could have been more as they asked him what date would suit him)and also persuaded PwC to speed up his application, which as it was not the peak application time, they very obligingly did!.