Siemens: SCM Advanced Program / Master of Arts position Germany


Hello Everyone
I was wondering if anybody applied ‘SCM Advanced Program / Master of Arts position’ at Siemens corporate unit.
Does anybody know the recruitment process.
Feedback is much appreciated .



  • First is applying online,.
  • If they are happy then you will get a online assessment. 6 tests, 4 of them are timed.
  • Then if you pass that, you’ll have a 2.5 - 3 hour telephone assessment with HR rep & psychological assessor.
  • If you pass that, then I think you will be put in the final round which is face-to-face interview.

I didn’t make it pass the telephone assessment. The position starts 24th October so you should hear from them by now either way.

Good Luck


Thank you very much mate.
After I have completed online tests I received an email regarding the data agreement.
After that, they have not send me any rejection mail or any email regarding the phone interview. It has been more than 4 weeks.
When I sign in the Application centre it says Application on process.

Does it mean I did not pass the online test or my application has been rejected.

Thanks again



hmm…between sending the agreement and phone interview took 1 week for me. I honestly thought I wouldn’t go pass the online assessment but I did so that was surprising as I thought I did pretty bad. I nailed the phone interview but their reply was that there were too many candidates for the position and plenty were well qualified to their requirements.

Since they have moved onto the next stage of recruitment, I would start looking for other opportunities if I were you… Sorry to say that but I’m afraid that might be the truth.

I was 2 minded about this position in the first place so not greatly disappointed but will put it down to experience.

All the best.


I have a question for “theforce”. How long did it take for the results after the phone interview? Did they provide any feedback on your interview performace or was it a general “copy-paste” reply?

I had my phone interview on Oct 15th and I am still waiting for the results.

Thanks in advance.


Hello biotiger,

I took them 12 days to send an email after the phone interview which was on the 15th September. This was part of their email:

“Given the large number of highly qualified applicants, including yourself, the decision has not been easy. Unfortunately, we were not able to put you on the list of final candidates”

I believe it is a Auto-generated email that gets sent to people who didn’t make it through with no exact explanation of what you were lacking or others had that got them through.

I think you mean you had your phone interview on the 15th Sep not Oct? If so, and you have yet to hear from them, then I guess you are still in a chance to go to the next stage. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst :slight_smile:

Good Luck. I hope someone gets in that program so they could brief us on what it offers.



Hello all,

Now that the program starts next Feb, does anyone know when Siemens will stop accepting applications and give feedback on the ones already applied.

Also, did anyone get a positive response from Siemens yet?


Hi @theforce, @biotiger really appreciate your efforts in helping other., can please share their telephonic interview questions and experiences with siemens. I have applied for supply chain management anyone else? I have my telephone round coming up this week. thanks in advance.


Hi Valentino,

I’m assuming you have passed the online tests? Anyway, they will email you about the telephone interview and let you know of the procedure.

There should be two people present, the interviewer and a Psyc assesser. First, they’ll ask you to introduce yourself for about 5 minutes. The whole phone interview (if still the same) is basically where they will give you a login for a site with scenarios and tell you to go through it and they’ll ring back in 30 minutes to discuss. Its like a role play where you will be an engineer, then management assistant etc. There should be 3 of these. You read the scenario as the respective professional and they’ll be the opposite party and ask you questions based on the emails they’ll send you etc.

A bit full on for someone who hasn’t been exposed to this sort of thing before or who has limited knowledge of what they are getting themselves into. I mean, they will see right through you, if you are the right person for Supply Chain. Some people just want a job but they need the person who wants to work in SCM.

Just be ready to think quick on your feet and mind the scenario. They’re trying to see if you are fit for the position or someone who makes decisions by themselves without talking to superiors or engaging in team work. If you have experience in customer service, technical knowledge and working in a professional environment, you should be fine.

Don’t forget, there is still the face-to-face interview and assessment centre, so don’t sweat it all yet :slight_smile: Just take a relax approach and be yourself. If it doesn’t workout, there are plenty of more and even better opportunities out there.

Anyway, I was glad I didn’t proceed to the next round as I read up more about SCM and realized it wasn’t for me.

Good luck and let us know how you went.



@theforce Really appreciate your effort and time in providing such a comprehensive review. Honestly I was bit startled after your post hence called up the Siemens team for confirming the telephone interview format, may be they have changed it as they told me its purely on motivational and competencies based. so I’m assuming that it would be more or less the same as for others.

The format your explained is really intense, sounds like a mini AC right there. Yes, my interested is in SCM roles.Also If you had your telephone round could pls post your questions. Enjoy your weekend.



Hey Valentino,

Yeah no problem. I’m guessing by competencies it could mean the online scenarios or maybe they have completely changed their telephone assessment? I haven’t bothered applying this year because like I mentioned, I’m not interested in SCM anymore. But maybe someone else from here can shed some light on their assessment.

Good luck



Yes I think they have changed their format as I specifically asked whether they have scenario based online case study and they said no.
I’m really looking from some insights from experienced candidates here not found yet.

Thanks and Good luck with yours.



Hi, has anyone been to siemens AC. would really appreciate if you could share your experiences and provide some tips. help appreciated


Hey Valentino…
Congratulation for making it to the AC.Would please be kind to tell us the type of questions you have faced on the phone interview.
Good luck at the AC :wink:


Hi everyone! Did anybody make the AC?


Anyone make it to interviews with Finance Internship? Thanks


Hi zpt, do you have some tips for the phone interview? thanks


stark226, be active.


zpt, Could you please tell us what kind of questions they asked you in the phone interview? Thank’s a lot, the best of luck!


stark226, there was only typical questions concerning your study, motivation, practical experience.
When will the program be started? It’s normal that I didn’t receive any answer after phone interview till today?