Siemens Heltcare -Embedded software engineer


Hi Guys,

I got an interview call for next week on the post of Embedded software engineer in Siemens-HelthCare sector.

Unlike the normal procidure, there is no online test. I couldn’t ask much about the procedure of assement. If any one else knows more about it , Please help me!!!



I also got invited for an interview next week for the Energy Sector Rotational Graduate Programme. I was told its a face to face interview with a manager, I havent been sent the exact details yet.

I will also appreciate if anyone has any info on what to expect


Hello Qeremin,

How did your interview go? did you have a phone interview at first? I’d really appreciate any information you could provide.


Hi folks really appreciate your efforts in helping other., can you please share your telephonic interview questions and experiences with siemens. I have applied for supply chain management anyone else? I have my telephone round coming up this week. thanks in advance.