Siemens Graduate scheme


Just wondering if any one has heard back from siemens after the online test


hi fumsam, i’ve completed the online tests too, around nearly 2 weeks ago! haven’t heard back either :s


Yea same here which one did u apply to?I actuLly got the confirmation that I passed it buts it’s just taking them forever to let a manager call me


guys was the test numerical and verbal? is the dificulty comparable to tests of banks? i have been sent an email that i was succesful but havent been informed of what the next stage is.
im just tryin to prepare for the tests in case i am asked to write…any help will be most sppreciated… thanks


Any one heard back from them yet still?


Hi I also got an email that i passed. but that was only two days after writing the test. what program did you apply for ?


I applied for the broadcast trainee role,I don’t know wats keeping them so long


I got this two weeks ago.

Thank you for your recent application to the Siemens Graduate Programme. We are pleased to confirm that your application has been successful at the online SHL testing stage.

Your application will now be sent to the hiring manager to be reviewed. Should the hiring manager wish to progress your application then you will be invited to participate in a telephone interview.


i got the same mail too in december,then on friday i got this mail again saying:
Thank you for your application to the Siemens Graduate Broadcast Trainee programme within Siemens IT Solutions & Services.

Your application is still being considered and we would like to apologise for the delay. We will come back to you as soon as possible with feedback on your application.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thats wat i got.


hmm i wonder why they are taking so long. have you rang them?


i called them today and the lady said they are still waiting on the hiring managers



guys can u please tell me how difficult is the verbal and numerical reasoning test? and which type of questions come? the example test on SHL doesnt seem to be that difficult…can anyone tell me wats the difficulty level of the test and how long its gona be??
Help please


The test is just the standard shl one so its the same level as the practice one.not dat hard I guess.


zumzum the test is the same level as the practice tests… all i can advise is that you study wide… grab a book on general maths as in go back to the basics.
did you just get an invite for the tests?


Thnx guys…
Yea i have got invitation to do verbal and numerical reasoning by 25th…m thinkin to practice the SHL tests and then give it…yea i have been doin basic maths alot… lets see…
thnx alot for ur help guys!!


Which of the programmes did u apply for?


Hey guys, i completed my tests a few months ago. I didnt get a reply until around two weeks, which was the same email that ibd_hunter posted above, my application is for finance.


Yea I don’t know wat d problen is with them,its just taking too long now


I applied for software engineering grad scheme


Hi guys…Any one got an invite for a telephoen interview yet?