Siemens gradate scheme


hey has anyone been invited to the siemens graduate scheme assesment centre.? Just gave my telephone interview for the Finance Grad scheme the other day. Waitin on a response!.


yes, i have my assesment day on march 1st ! fingers crossed…


Best of luck man! I have mine on the 8th of March, as i just got a confirmation today! Hope you ace it and get through! Do share your experience once you complete the day! Best of luck again!


How was the AC Shakir?


it was ok…they began with an informal task called icebreaker, then with the group task 1 followed by presentation. Then we had lunch and continued with group task 2 and ended with interview ! it was over all ok…


what was the group task about? both of them. and what sort of questions were in the presentation and interview? Also did they tell u when u would get an answer?


Hello Guys,

I have a Telephonic Interview on 25th of April 2012 for Business Graduate Scheme. I think Telephonic interview is all about competency based questions and is same for all schemes. Could anyone please explain that what type of competencies they asked, i mean like communication, collaboration, achievement etc.

I will appreciate if someone had an interview and share his/her experience. I will share my experience once i will have it.

Many thanks to all of you.

Aneeq Ali


Hi Aneeq

I also have a telephone interview tomorrow for the Business Graduate Scheme.

The required competencies as listed on Siemens website are:

•Customer Focus – you’re passionate about meeting customer needs

•Analytical Thinking – you’re able to tease out meaning from numbers, words and images

•Team Working – you enjoy working collaboratively towards team goals

•Communication Skills- you can get your point across clearly and persuasively whether face to face, on the phone or in an email

•Initiative – you don’t rest on your laurels; you think about the appropriate action and move things forward

•Commercial awareness – you understand that we’re here to make a profit how decisions affect the bottom line

•Drive and Motivation – we only invest our time and training in people who want to be successful and have the ambition and energy to make it happen.

You can read through previous post on past experiences and tips.

All the best.


Hi Xtinoz123,

Thanks a lot for your information. I am highly thankful to you.

Wish you best of luck for the interview.

I will appricate if you will share your interview experience.

I will wair for your response.

Once again thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,


Hi Aneeq

I was asked 3 questions.

-What is your career role and what do you know about it.

-Give an example of when you were faced with a difficult customer.

-Give an example of when you were faced with a challenging situation.

Let me know if you were asked same questions.

All the best and see you at the assessment centre.


Hi Xtinoz123,

Thanks a for your quick reply. I am highly thankful to you.

I hope it went good with you.

Could you please tell me for how long was your interview and secondaly did they ask the questions by mentioning competencies like customer focus, analytical thinking, team working etc. or they just straight way asked the questions as you mention in your last post.

Have you got your outcome of the interview. If not do you have any idea how much will they take to finalize.

Once again thanks a lot and best of luck.

I will share my experience after my interview.

I will wait for your reply.

Kind Regards,
Aneeq Ali


Hi Aneeq

The questions were just as I listed in my previous post.

She said I would receive the outcome next week when they are done with all interviews.

Best of luck to you.


Hi Xtinoz123,

Thanks a lot for your help and support.

I am preparing for my interview. One thing i forgot to ask that during these three questions did she ask any cross questions (Probing).

If she did, i hope you will share. I will appreciate.

If you have “Business Graduate 2012” role description with you, please send it to my following Email address

Thanks a lot for wishing me.

Best of luck to you as well.

Kind Regards,
Aneeq Ali


Hi Xtinoz123,

I think you are busy.

I would appricate if you will reply for my last post.

I am waiting for your reply.

Many Thanks,


Has anyone applied for the ‘Graduate Business Manager’ role based in Northampton?


Hi Aneeq

Check your Wikijob inbox. I have replied your last post.

Let me know if you didn’t receive it.

Best regards


Hi Xtinoz123,

Yes i have got it.

Thanks a lot and will update you once i am done with it.

Take care

Kind Regards,


Hi Oukka,

I had applied but was rejected at “Quality application stage”. I don’t know what actually they look at. Do you have any idea ?



Sorry to hear that. No, I don’t. How long did it take for them to get back to you about it?


I too applied for Graduate Business Manager and I am currently at the “quality application stage” since a long time. I don;t know how much time will they take before coming back to me about it.