Siemens 2016 Graduate programme



Anyone heard back from rail engineering after digital interview or invited to assessment centre? Thanks


When did you do your interview and what role?


Nope, nothing so far


Any one applied for HR Graduate (Entry Level Talent Management Team)? Last got an update that I had passed the online tests towards the end of April and would be contacted about the VI later. Havent got anything back since and my inquiry email wasnt replied to :frowning:


Hello everyone. Has anyone done their online assessments? If anyone has, what sort of questions should I expect for the Siemens Graduate Talent Screener section? is it like situational judgement tests? Thanks.

Also how difficult are the numerical and verbal reasoning tests? I recently did the BAE’s online tests and they were quite easy. How many questions do we have to answer in the Numerical reasoning section? In the “Assessment Home” window, it says the “overall time you will need” is 30 min. However, the time limit is 19 mins? Thanks.


Applied for the Graduate ADGT engineering role. Got an email today saying my application won’t be processed further because of high volume of applicants. Gutted.


Did you make it to to the video interview? if so what kind of questions did they ask?


Hi did you get a reply?

Also could you provide an idea of what kind of questions were asked in the video interview ?



Hey! What was the test after all? I got the email for this year’s test and cannot understand what type is it supposed to be in order to practice.


Hi, just wondering how long you had to wait before being sent the online tests to complete? I sent my application 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago my status on the website changed from “application received” to “application in progress”, so I took that as good news, and was hoping the tests would follow soon


So did you make it to the end?