Siemens 2016 Graduate programme



Didn’t like the feel of the scheme at the AC tbf.


did you attend the AC for the role you applied for ?


really? how come?


When I finished my Digital Interview, they told me AC will take place in April 10th


For which role? Engineering??


Hi have you been to the assessment? what role did you apply for?


Hi what role did you apply for?


Hi all, I applied for Finance. Speaking to one of the grads after the day he just said that you are very much left on your own with the cima qualification and that progression is stagnant at the moment. But then he was coming to the end of the scheme so may have differing views.


any one heard back after Digital interview for engineering roles?


I didn’t heard anything back about the video interview yet, btw which engineering role did you apply for and which role you did the Digital interview?


rail engineering… you?


nothing yet


Rail engineering as well


any luck for engineering??


Anyone heard back from engineering after digital interview? thanks


No reply for me after the online tests, did you get a second email to apply for further engineering role??


yes i did. and i did digital interview.


How many VI, did you do?


2 both rail … you?


In how many days, we usually get the feedback for Video Interview?