Siemens 2016 Graduate programme



still waiting, I’m business technology


Any guy from business tehnology have news ?


Hi, Tfield132,

How was your video interview?


Well done pal, good luck with it


@talha, did you get the invitation to the VI and did you apply for engineering?


@HHS I have digital interview due and wanted to get an idea of the type of questions they might ask, I applied for business management scheme


Thanks for your response and Good luck with that mate,


@deesha any reply mate??
Nothing from my end…


Yes mate


Still nothing mate :frowning:


@big bull, thanks for your reply, I didn’t any invitation for the Video Interview, what about you ??


got a mail for video interview… any one done this before ? any tips please ? hopefully you hear back soon @hhs


Congratulations mate, all the best with your test,


is if for the rail system role ??


yes… it was … you? any luck?


Yes, I applied for the same role, no luck so far, however I got an email to apply 2 further graduate engineer role. Did you receive that? How was your video interview?


Hey Big bull I also applied for business technology and have done my video interview since January but haven’t heard back. I rang Siemens to find out why it’s taking so long to let me know if I passed the interview or not but the lady I spoke to said she isn’t in charge however, she would pass my enquiry to the right lady who would give me a call…this was last week and up until now I haven’t been contacted. I am beginning to think it’s bad news


May be they would contact you 1 or 2 week before the AC. Mm i don’t know. I didn’t hear anything after passing the tests. Good luck with your application.


yes i did. it was pretty decent. any luck now?


Nope mate, I didn’t hear anything after getting the second e-mail,