Siemens 2016 Graduate programme



@tfield132, congratulations and all the best with your VI, please share your experience with us, once you completed


I’ve applied to finance but have yet to receive the invite to the VI. Would love to hear your experience of it once you’ve done it - and good luck!


Damn right it is. Link was invalid, Called them up, to expect a new email the instruction but a shorter time to get it done.


Any update buddy?


Congrats and let us know how you get on please.


Is it a live or non live VI? Kinda guessing non live if there’s a link…


Its a non live based on the instructions contained in the email.


Any engineering candidate, got the video interview from Siemens?? (seems like they have forgotten the Engineering candidates :S )


hi there… just finished


How was your video interview??


Done with mine, first time doing a VI, I got better as I went along and got use to it but once u get use to it, it’s fairly okay thou you need to manage seeing yourself on the screen and pace yourself. Questions about education, culture, experience, how you relate to new people and you convince people.


nothing yet…


Hey Linc, well done on completing it! Was it all competency based? Could you give examples of the questions you were asked if possible? Thanks


Thanks, all competency stuffs. How education and exp tie in. have you failed at something previously. how you deal with other cultures in a work setting. what you are proud of (make it work related or education/ work - what ever you do, try to make it work productive here, that questions is so so tricky) its about 7 questions, I don’t remember all but along this lines and star approach to answer type stuff.


Anyone completed the video interview yet?


Had the interview today, really wasn’t that bad but I didn’t prepare a good enough why finance/cima answer and really stumbled on that. So would be very very surprised to get through.


You never know, wait for the results! What other questions did they ask you?


not yet. I was told I passed application review and sent some other links to apply for jobs in Northampton, keele, London and poole… did this happen to anyone ?


@deesha, I am in the same boat as you.


Heard back today that I’m through to the AC. Anyone else?