Siemens 2016 Graduate programme



Just received a link for completing Online Video interview. Anyone have experience can give me some advice ?


which scheme did you apply for ?


Hey, I just passed the tests and am waiting to hear back after the application screening, the next stage being the video interview if successful. What scheme did you apply for? I applied for finance.


Engineering, no response yet, after the test, not looking good


Did you get a response to say you passed the tests and haven’t heard about progressing to the next stage, or just nothing at all?


No mate, I didn’t get any reply after completing the rest last week.


@big bull Did you apply for engineering?


It did take them 6 days to email me to inform me I had passed the tests so I would still stay positive, and now it’s been 8 days since I received the email saying they were going to screen my application so I think they just take a bit of time.


Thanks mate, let me hope for the best. Good luck to you


Thanks, good luck to you as well!


Can anyone please help with this? @Big Bull How did your online video interview go and which role did you apply for?


Did you apply for engineering? Did you get invitation for VI? I didn’t get invitation to video Interview.


I applied for management and just got an IV for VI. I don’t know what to think because I can’t find any related info.


@linc Congratulations, all the best with your test


How long after the email indicating success on the online tests did you receive the invitation to VI?


@hhs Thanks, means a lot. I will need it.


@jasengrad, it can take about 4 weeks or so depends on how they want to approach it I think. I remember well mine took about 3.5 weeks or so to inform me the next stage, that is not including the first 2 weeks of wait to get a response for passing the test. In all about 6 weeks wait overall.


@big bull, any update please? can you kindly share your experience please. Thanks


Wow! That’s quite long, thanks for letting me know. I haven’t heard for 2 weeks so I’ll keep on waiting. Let me know how you get on in the IV and good luck!


Just received an invite to the video interview for the Finance scheme, anyone else been invited for Finance?