Should the accountancy bodies introduce computer-based exams?


I was just wondering what other people thought about this. I just started sitting my ACCA exams and found them tough, as a result of everything being pen & paper based (old fashioned) - I work in an office and everything I do is computer based so it feels very unnatural to use a pen to write a lot of information in this way. Does anyone else think this is the right time for the accountancy bodies to introduce computer-based exams, or are you happy to continue with pen and paper?


I believe that you have made a valid point. The days of people being used to writing pages and pages in a short space of time are long gone. I would imagine the major problem in moving to a computer based approach would be the cost of checking each persons’ laptop or investing in specialised computer facilities in which to sit the exams.

My guess is that practising writing will be part of your exam preparation for a long time to come.


I see that the ACCA has recently announced its intention to make all its examinations available online. A deal was signed in June which will encompass all of the associations professional exams.