Should I pursue science?


I will be graduating this May-June and I officially finish my Master degree in Electrical and Electronic. Although, since Ive been studying in a British university its actually considers as a bachelor degree (cause its 4 years) in other countries. I am not sure about my final GPA cause Im kinda on the line between first class and 2:1. but overall first 3 years is 66 so I might be able to get 68-70 and get round up to first class or end up with 67. I applied for MSc programs for couple of good universities. 3 in Belgium, 2 in Canada, 2 in Germany. I wrote 2 review papers which I submitted to journals IF=10 but still under review and Ive had two conference papers which published in ISI journals. I am desperate to continue for MSc and then PhD and then research cause its what I am after and its what I really enjoy. I mean everyone whos here enjoys that. But i kinda got shutdown by couple of unis (actually the two in Germany) since my overall gpa wasnt high enough (they wanned like 75 above). so it got me thinking whether i am a failure and if I ever have a shot on pursuing science and research. Ive always been trouble in writing exams and its been my weakness forever but since i studied my elementary and high schools in an exceptional talented schools ive always been after research and science. I dont know, the result of my applications will be out in any days and im freaking out; whether i am a total failure or not. whether i should stick with working like others and never think about PhD and science since im not capable enough or otherwise I wouldve had better marks. Or having 2:1 gpa is not that bad and I have a shot at finding research and funding opportunities. I really could use your advice and its much appreciated in advance.


A 2:1 is OK for a career in science.

As you pointed out, you can supplement that with a decent Masters.

The important thing to know is that science in general is very competitive, so I would encourage you to keep applying.

Personally, I did stay, and then finally dropped out of a PhD programme.

I do regret the dropping out part (I loved science, but I was under too much pressure at the time), but the important thing is, even if you apply, you have the choice to change course later.