Should I include this in my CV?


I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on what to do here.
Basically, I studied IT at one university but I changed to do Accounting and Finance at a different university which was closer to home. Now, I have an opportunity to work at a company that is a web editor.

The reason that I changed courses was that I did not like the programming parts such as Visual Basic and the job does not require me to do any of it.
Also, I do not have a lot of work experience that has IT background.
It is quite a tricky situation for me as the employers will ask why I changed and why have I gone back to IT etc…

So, should I include the year that I studied in IT in my CV?



Actually all knowledge you’ve learnt and all acquired skills are extremely important. I’d say that everything matters, so don’t be afraid to write about it. Here are some rules of CV composing on and a plenty of wholesome tips you can follow to build impressive documents for successful job interview. If you want to avoid some questions, write good cover letter and use it not as an autobiography but as a chance to explain some issues. By the way, a vast majority of employers say that they are influenced by a cover letter.