Should i enroll myself in ACA?


Hi there,

I need some help regarding ACA. I had previously studied MBA finance and MSc Finance and Business Management but i couldn’t find any luck with the job and kept on doing some odd work for meeting my everyday expenses. I graduated in 2012 and its been 3 years now that i am out of touch with studies and some studies related work. But recently i started to feel like that even with these degrees my life is going no where and i am stuck in middle of the sea. I thought that i should get some more professional and skill full education because with MBA one can only get into some clerical job which i don’t want. I wanted to enroll myself in ACA so i talked to a Kaplan Financial representative and he told me that i can enroll myself even without any work experience and after two and half years of study i will be offered article ship in some organization with help from Kaplan. I want to know that do i have the right information and motivation for this purpose? Or i am missing something? I am 28 years old now, Should i give it a go or not? Please help if anything relevant you can add or any can of help will be appreciated. Looking forward to your reply.



Hi there,

Your contact at Kaplan is right in that you can enroll yourself to do the ACA exams without any work experience. However, you cannot become ACA qualified without experience from a registered professional services/ accountancy firm. There is no way to get around this. So if the Kaplan representative is offering to help you secure a role within a recognised firm that can gain you experience, I would say go for it. But, you are just as well to apply for a full graduate scheme and do the ACA exams and gain your experience all at once!

I hope this helps! Good luck.