Should I chase them up...?



I applied to a graduate scheme, submitting my application form middle of September. I received a confirmation email, thanking me for my application and that they are
“currently reviewing your CV and will get back to you as soon as we can.” I received another email at the end of September, again thanking me for my application and that “We’re currently in the process of reviewing applicants and as you can imaging, we’ve received a large number or applications for our programmes so it may take some time to get through the process. We’re however working as fast as we can and we’ll get in touch with you in the next few weeks.” It’s been more than a “few weeks” since that email and I just wanted people’s opinion on whether I should contact them or not basically asking what is happening. I don’t want to sound too pushy, especially if they have received loads of applications, but I don’t want my application to be left, lost somewhere, if that is what has happened.

Thanks for any help you can give me - any opinions would be much appreciated!