Should I accept the offer?


I got an offer from a bank to work in Compliance (summer internship), but I’m still waiting for law firms to review my applications. I have until the end of December to answer, and I’m pretty sure the law firms where I applied (Hogan Lovells, Cleary Gottlieb, Eversheds…) won’t answer until mid-January (right?). I’d rather work in a law firm, but because I didn’t get any answers yet, I don’t know what to do: (1) accept the bank’s offer (2) reject the offer and risk not having any internships if the law firms reject me (3) other? I presume it’s not advisable to send the law firms an e-mail explaining all this? Help!


Accept the internship, if you get a better offer, politely let the bank know that you won’t be attending. They will have a waiting list and could fill your spot with ease.

Just remember that in doing this, you will probably not be wise to apply to the bank for anything else in future.

My above advice is based ‘looking after number one’ - the bank probably won’t like it but there is no reason that the law firms (who are the people that you REALLY want to impress) need to know you have done this. It wouldn’t reflect well on you IF they found out. But they should never find out. And at the same time you are keeping your options open. The worst thing you could do is pass up on the bank offer and get no other offers…


I see - but then they won’t be annoying or suing me for breach of contract if I tell them I cannot come later?


Of course not. You haven’t signed a legal contract.