Shl verification test


Hello house,

Taken a couple of shl tests previously for various companies. Of recent a company invited me for a supervised verification test. Was told its usually tougher than the usual shl test. This is getting me worried as verbal is not my strong point.

Need advice on what this entails to better prepare.



Hi there

Can you clarify what you know about the supervised verification test? Is it an SHL-style verbal reasoning test, but a little more tougher than normal?


If it’s SHL paper-based (like PwC use for verification at their AC), then yes, it is tougher, but this shouldn’t matter to you. I remember at my AC I only finished 32/40 on the logical test and 17/20 on the numerical, as I ran out of time. I still got through fine. It’s purely for verifying you didn’t cheat on the online tests, and if the tests are tougher, this is also factored in to your assessment. Remember, you’re not being scored objectively like in uni. You’re being scored against a sample of others. You can very well pass the test without having a perfect score (or anything close to a perfect score). Also, presume the tests are negatively marked, so focus on accuracy.