SHL tests - I got impressed, but not by my skills tho


Hey guys,

I have applied for a summer internship at E&Y in Warsaw/Poland. Some background info:

Although I am German, I speak German and Polish fluently and furthermore, I am studying International Business (in English) at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I passed all my exams in my first try, I have a solid GPA so far (I am in my 2nd year atm) and as far as I am concerned, I also have some interesting additional skills to offer with respect to languages and other non-curricular activities.

Hence, according to the required profil of E&, I should be a suitable employee. But I see that opportunity in danger.

Although I got invited to a numerical and verbal test based on SHL this Tuesday in Warsaw, I am currently seeing myself failing. I am not a genius in math or whatsoever, but still, I rather prefer to perform analytical things in my future and this is why I actually like things like Accounting or Finance, although I do not belong to the top-notch guys in this respect. Nevertheless, I decided to participate in this test and therefore I booked already an expensive flight which won’t be refunded by E&Y.

I just finished the full-length test on the SHL webpage and I got to admit that I probably screwed the numerical part. I actually got the impression that I understand shit in math and nothing else. I had over 40 minutes for doing about 30 exercises or so, but I managed only to answer about 60-70% of it not knowing whether I chose even the right answers. I feel the need to practice these kind of exercises until Tuesday, because I really want the job over there. I read this page carefully, but I still need some nice practice content, I am sure you can fill me.

Also, what was your experience in these kind of tests? Do you have some information to share? Would be nice folks.

Greets from Germany (I got 1 week off hehe)