Hey ppl,
I know a lot of people have been print screening their SHL test and was wondering if people wouldn’t mind sharing those test banks around.


Had never thought of this - but dont think it would be too handy as you may be caught out when you do a paper version no?


SHL has eyes on every possible jobseeker’s forums/channels so they can immediately take 'em down! It’s copyright.


Yep, you’d be right about that. SHL contact us everytime they find something like that on WikiJob. Stuff does sometime stick around for a few days though first!


would be possible to email them though??


Well I don’t think SHL read your emails so I guess so!


How do you use this print screening? I’ve never used it before. It can come handy.


has any one done a screen print of the shl test. can u pls email me. will be very much appreciated. having a test soon




im selling them for 50 pounds each


for shl numerical reasoning test help and support contact me .