SHL Paper Numerical Re Test Practise tets


Hey guys,

I have an AC coming up this week where I will be retested on my SHL numerical. I haven’t done many of these before, and sometimes I fail them and pass them. I was able to get to my first AC I think just passing, but I found the paper retest much harder for some reason. Does know of any SHL paper practise tests I could take or any other similar tests I could take to help me prepare better.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


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has any one done a screen print of the shl test. can u pls email me. will be very much appreciated. xxx


I know this topic is a year old but I did a screen print for shl, you can download it here:


Hi deflux,
I saw your post and the shl test. Do you have any answers for the numerical one?
Thanks for uploading it.


Hi, For the SHL numerical and verbal test you should go to for practice. They have the actual REAL questions from various employers’ SHL tests!!!


psychometricguru has tests WITH worked solutions and gives online skype training. email them