SHL online test


To those who have sat a SHL online test: Were you first sent an email from the organisation saying they would like you to sit an online test and that SHL would email you with details of the test?

It’s just that, that’s how they’ve done it with me, and they’ve provided me with a username and password. Is it likely that this will take me to the same online test that is provided by SHL direct as a full length practise test?

Maybe my idea is bizarre, but would be nice to hear from anyone who has sat a SHL test and if this was the case.


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Yea, that’s the way its done. I took the diagramming, diagrammatic reasoning and syntax checking test with them because i applied for a programming role with a software firm. If you’re taking any of these tests i might provide a useful link. Good luck


OK cool! I’ll be sitting the verbal and numerical test.

But my Q is could this firms test possibly be the SAME as the practise test provided by SHL on their website??


I am not so sure if the test would be the same but i would suggest you try out several samples online.


Thanks for replying!

I’ve actually sat the test and NO they aren’t the same :frowning:

Although i’d say the level of difficulty is the same!

Does anyone know if you receive a report from SHL as you do in the practise test to tell you about your performance?

Or do you have to wait for the employer to get back to you?



can someone pls tell me how this test looks like cos i have one to write tomorrow. chao