SHL Mechanical Reasoning and Spacial Awareness


Hi, hope I can get some help please

Need to understand the SHL Mechanical and Reasoning Test and also Spacial Awareness Test. I am due to sit a test within the next few days (UK test) and I need to gather as much information as possible because I have failed it already so any help would be appreciated.
It seems to be these two that cause me the problems and if anyone one has information on the test questions, good on line practice tests similar to SHL questions, or any tutoring advice, that would be brilliant. Don’t want to fail it second time and just need to kinda understand how best to go about the test ie. If I don’t know the answer is it best to leave it or guess. Not sure how they work out results…any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


Hi there

Sounds like you definitely want to read these:

Hope that helps, good luck!