Shl fast track


Anyone know where to get this test? Or anything that would assist in prep.

You get given 5 or 6 sets of cards, with between 12 and 20 cards in each set.

Each set is about a different ‘scenario’ and each card has information on it. However some cards will be missing some information and you have to fill in the blanks based on what information is on the other cards.

For example, with the fasttrack test I did:-

One set was about ‘clubcard’ points people received for buying various flights.

One card would say:

Name: Janice.
From: London
To: Rome
Class: Economy
Type: Single
Points: 60


Name: Tom
From: Paris
To: Beijing
Class: First
Type: Return
Points: 1600

There are certain patterns you have to pick up on and 3 or 4 cards will have the Points (or any) section blank which you have to fill in:-

Name: Ben
From: Berlin
To: Rome
Class: Business
Type: Return
Points: ?

I thought it was one of the easier things you have to do at an assessment centre.


The other sets of cards were about, -tax paid on various items being brought in through customs, -criteria for entitlement to a company car, -an international company dealing with worldwide timezones.