Hey, let’s keep each other posted on interview questions, case studies etc. Good luck all!


Anyone done the video interview yet?


Hey - can you share your experience of the second interview? Is it another competency based interview (if so what typical questions), also what is the case study on and what what do they ask?


Hey - can you share your experience of the second interview? Is it another competency based interview (if so what typical questions), also what is the case study on and what what do they ask?


Hello everyone. I have been invited to a video interview. Anyone done this recently and mind shedding some light on this?


I got invited to do the video interview earlier this year. From what I remember it was 4 questions, a few minutes to prepare answers in between each and then 60 seconds max to answer


Did you pass onto 2nd stage?
Let me know if you have not done video interview, I can share my experience.


Any body done the 2nd video case study with Shell? What is the case study and typical questions?


Hi! I’m wondering if you had the case study video interview and if you have any tips to share? Cheers


Hey guys! I was invited for the 2nd stage final assessment: case study + video interview. Can anybody share your experience?? Thanks.


Hi, can you please share your experience with the 2nd stage?


Hi Shell Applicant in Kazakhstan :slight_smile:

I have completed the case study and video interview stage and can help a bit with describing how mine went. For the case study, you’ll be sent a pdf document containing information about a fictional business holding of Shell. It has A LOT of information so as soon as you have access to it it’s a good idea to print it out and read through in your own time. You’ll have access to it about 3 days before your interview. Highlight important parts in different sections and get a good feel of what it’s about. It’s recommended you spend about two hours familiarising yourself with it, but I don’t think there’s such a thing as overpreparedness so that’s all up to you. In the interview you’ll be asked to make an analysis and recommendation for action in answer to a particular question they’ll ask from any part of the document. Knowing the content well can then help you infer what the best course of action will be and will help you give a well rounded answer especially if you draw evidence from other parts of the document.
The competency-based part of the interview is very similar to the video interview in the first stage. Throughout this stage you will probably have two assessors. They’ll try to guide you if you get stuck, but ultimately you are being assessed so remember to stay calm and speak clearly and give concise but relevant answers.
I applied in the UK so I’m not sure how different our interviews might be, but beforehand, I was contacted by two recruitment officers; one who explained the general structure of the interview, timing, etc and one who gave a more in-depth explanation of the process and how the second stage is run.
I have to say the staff I interacted with, both recruitment officers and the assessors were helpful throughout. If you have questions they answer them quite well and they were all really supportive so I had no complaints on that front.
Thankfully, I passed my assessment.
Good luck with yours and I hope this helps!


Thank you very much for shedding some light on the 2nd stage!! Up to now, I was contacted with the recruitment officer, who briefly explained what to expect in the 2nd stage and then she booked available slot for the live interview. What was your interview outcome or are you still waiting for the feedback regarding your 2nd stage assessment? I am worrying about the upcoming interview because I have never did case study before. I will have interview in the beginning of July, so I want to start preparing for the case study. What can you advise on the preparation for the case study? Did you solve some case study examples on the web before you received pdf file from Shell? Thanks again for sharing your experience! Hopefully, our interview process will be same…


Hello again,
Thankfully, I passed the interview stage and have received an offer from the company.
For the case study aspect, I didn’t do much practice to be honest other than reviewing the data I was sent. However, I know the jobtestprep website has example Shell assessment centre tests including practice case study ones, but you would need to pay for access- I didn’t use it. Other than this I’d suggest googling for case study interview examples and browsing through for a general idea.


Hi, thanks for advise and congrats on the successful recruitment process!!!