Shell Telephone Interview


Hi hs1008
Why dont you ask for a feedback from them?


Thank you very much Hs1008. I really appreciate your comments.

Hopefully at least you get good feedback out of it.
These Topics does it have any relation whether you applied for technical role or commercial? Hw are they going to test your technical knowledge?


Thanks Hs1008, tht is really helpful and I appreciate it.
Hpe you get good feedback from them…
These Topics are they asked the same way for commercial and technical roles. I ws wondering hw r they going to test the technical side?


Hi mini_cooper_x,

I have my interview with Shell on 16th Feb for a graduate commercial marketing role. I hope your interview went well. Could you please share what were the four topics given to you on which you were asked to talk? I am really worried about that bit…



Hi Everyone,

I am new to wiki job and I am just wondering if anyone can share some more details about the telephonic interview of Shell graduate programme.

I have applied for graduate marketing role and have my interview on 16th Feb. I would really appreciate if anyone can share details of their recent experience of the same and the topics they give to talk on, during the interview.

Many thanks


Hi dynomite,
All the best for your interview. Mine was ok, and similar to the ones posted by the previous users. I dont remember all, but one of them was virtual team, which I boldly chose. I think most of the following questions related to the chosen topic were about common sense.



Thanks mini_cooper_x. I really appreciate your inputs :slight_smile:


Hi dynomite

I have my interview with Shell on 7th Mar ch for internship technical role. I hope your interview went very well. Could you please share what were the four topics given to you on which you were asked to talk? I am also really worried about that bit…

Many Thanks


Also if any one could comment if these topic differ between commercial and technical, internship and graduate and etc.
meeting global energy demands, the reputation of Shell, global standards, changing demographic

  • Diversity and Inclusivenes

  • Helping Local Governements

  • Recruiting and Retraining high calibre staff

  • Social Responsibility

mini_cooper mentioned virtual teams as well, so is it just random topics or it has some pattern



I have been interviewed for Shell Graduate Scheme i applied for a Technical Role. Does anyone Know if they contact you by phone or email about the interview outcome and when is the last interview for a technical role i.e technical interview.


Hi, how did your interview go? Could you kindly spell out the full questions asked and how you responded?

The results should be out in two weeks and of course by email…Nonetheless, you should expect a phone call too…I got this info from people who had earlier gone through the process…

Now, I need you to hint on the questions asked and how you responded…Full details please.


this post is to appreciate everyone who has made comment on this blog and all free information available online. Thanks

Hi Shellemployeesuccess

my Advice is to stay strictly with information on this forum, they follow it to give every applicant a fair chance. I almost made a mistake by going about looking for information. the interview structure is the same as given in earlier post here the question on capacity are four you choose one to talk on, if you prepare too much for, it may go against you they need your fresh idea what you can come up with (school career adviser told me this) just try your best.

achievement and relationship question you can determine from behavioral interview question website Kent uni etc, is about 10 question in different form that can arise from it just go and prepare a good answer and expect probing questions too.

don’t forget you must ask question, try to ask one question that is not common I did and I knew it impressed the interviewer, and be prepared to defend the question you ask i.e why you asked is a surprised question that is not commonly asked in this stage but they do.

my last advice is that the interview is to know you better, it is all about you. use yourself as example don’t be afraid to show weakness but remember to say what you gain and how you overcame the weakness. you language or fluency in English is not assessed just make sure you communicate well. I suspect must of their interviewer don’t speak English as a first language again if they use that it is not fair. Shell is a global company English is not the only language they speak. They now verify your right to wk in the UK if you are a foreign student or emigrant in the UK.


this document tells you all you to know about shell interview

fuel you career shell shell application skill presentation.

is free online Google it


Hey Sealion, thanks alot for your kind input…I just saw your message now.

Did you apply for a technical role? Was it for a summer internship position, Gourami or SRD?

I would like to read from you again.



Hey…Just finished my interview…Thanks all, thanks a lot.

Questions on capacity were different !

How does it fell to work in Shell UK? Can a resident of UK apply to Shell elsewhere?


Hi shellemployeesuccess,

Hope your interview was good! I would really appreciate if you could sharwe…Which scheme have to applied for? What were the 4 topics given to you on capacity question?
I have my interview sometime in 1st week of april for graduate scheme.



Hi Xareed,

Apologies for such late reply but I was away due to some personal problem and I had to postpone my interview that was scheduled for 16th Feb due to some medical emergency. Now I may hv it in 1st week of april. I have applied for graduate scheme. I hope your interview went well.
Sorry once again.


Hey Dynomite,

It went well, Danke! The questions basically followed the SAME format presented here by the earlier posters, except the ones on capacity. I was really caught off balance when the interviewer spelt out the 4 questions on capacity and most were different from what was earlier said here…The only one similar was that of Co2… I tried to answer the one I took…Hahaha, my answers did not go without some grammatical errors; was instead of is and are instead of were blah blah. But the number of correct sentences I made, I think, far outweighed the errorneous ones…Nonetheless I sense everything went well, and sincerely hope I am correct…I can’t wait to have Shell written ón my CV. I guess that opens the way to other oil coys, when He agrees sha. I did not apply for the graduate scheme.

The questions on capacity were:

Business Competitors
Leadership Development Programmes
Carbondioxide Emission
Environmental Pollution
Diversity and Inclusivenes

I guess you will have to attend the SRD…

Good luck with your interview.


Thanks alot and I sincerely hope that you get through this one as you rightly said there’s nothing like a having a name like Shell on your CV…I hope you get that soon :slight_smile: About the errors I guess those are part and parcel of this process…am surely you’ll be fine.
Thanks once agian for your inputs, it will surely help.



I did the telephone interview with Shell a few days ago, and I would firstly really like to thank people for posting their experiences because it really helped me.

Secondly, the interview is pretty much what has been stated in this forum.

I’m still waiting for a reply from Shell, fingers crossed!! :smiley: