Shell Telephone Interview


mine was on Nov 18th…


were those for technical roles, what topics were you given for the interview?
Ive got mine in two weeks!


Nope, it was for a commercial role. It was in the same format as given by msoct 06. Take a look at the post on page 1.


Has anybody heard back from shell after their telephone interview? i called them last week Friday and they said my application was still under consideration and they would get back to me soon.

Anyone heard anything yet?


I’m in for the Gourami


Congratulations Ileannaconst, so glad for you! That was fast!


BAHF, thanks a lot :slight_smile: …fingers crossed with your application as well!


I have my telephone interview with Shell scheduled for next Tuesday (18th January) for a summer internship.
My career preferences were 1) Well Engineering and 2) production engineering…

Anyone here applied for 2011 intake?

Please discuss your telephone interview,…


Hi Mystique86

I am an international student too. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for the telephone interview results. what was your outcome? did they tell anything about work permit problems? I know your post has been a while, but it would be great if you could give some advice. I am just guessing that they are held back by this issue, maybe due to a new gov legislation…

Thanks so much…



Is there anyone invited for a face to face interview for a graduate scheme? They say on the web that there is no difference between phone and face to face, but I can’t stop thinking about their justification of inviting someone personally when they can save money and time by just calling. Anyone has any views on this?




Hi Mini, so have you heard anything? I hope you will make it, good luck to you.


Has anyone done any interview for UK Grad scheme any day soon? Thank you in advance


Hi King,
Thanks for your wishes. I was actually phone interviewed but am still waiting for the outcome…



That has taken more than a month whilst it should take 10 working days according to their website, have you tried to contact them? Can it be that they are a bit reluctant as you are an international student? I can send you their London number if you want


Has anyone done any telephone interview recently? Have you heard back from Shell?


Hi King,
Thank you so much for your concern. I did contact them and was told that they are a bit overwhelmed with applications at the moment, and will take a bit more time to get back to me. Honestly, I dont think being an international student would be a problem. I was told by my friend that some of his friends studied abroad and went for interviews in that country. Once they were employed, they were sent back to the homecountry to work. That’s not bat at all…



Thanks mini_cooper. All the best with your application.


I am in the same situation as you guys. I have been shortlisted for the commercial upstream/downstream interview 2011.


Hi every1, I have got a telephone interview coming up on 7th march.

Also I applied for technical roles. has any one done a telephone interview recently? your input will be very helpful.

Also the question about capacity, does the topics differ for commercial and technical roles… any1 who could comment on this?

Thanks in advance



I had my interview a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful.

Here’s how it goes.

  1. They’l confirm your location preference, rols preference.

  2. Your greatest achievement.

  3. Can’t remember.

  4. 4 topics and choose one to discuss.

They gave me recruiting and retaining high calibre staff, social responsibility, can’t remember the other two…

but the two i mentioned are most common.

i don’t know why i got rejected, cuz I thought i did well.

Anyhow, hope this helps.