Shell Telephone Interview


Hi People…I am very new to Wiki Jobs. Pls I need to know if anyone has any info about Shell Telephone Interview. What am I supposed to prepare for, types of questions, what should I look out for? Got one this coming Monday.Pls help!!!Thanxxx


Have you seen the general wiki page on [[telephone interview]]s or the general page on [[common interview questions]]?


Yes I have but I was hoping I could get someone who has had a real-life contact with them.Any help?


Anyone had a phone interview experience with Shell.Got one coming up soon. Any useful information will be much appreciated.Cheers


Recently i had telephone interview with shell

kind of structured interview

first about ur career preference
second about ur achievement that u r proud of; how did u achieve, what challenges u faced
then about relation; ur interaction with ur colleagues, ur relationship with ur boss
fourth about ur communication skills, how u explain complex things to others
you have to give examples for everything

then final part choose one of the four topics and talk about … ofcourse they would start the discussion and you have to carry on and talk globally
the topics were
meeting global energy demands, the reputation of Shell, global standards, changing demographic…


Many thanks msoct06 for your useful tips. I hope yours went very well. And i hope you landed the job.


was anyone recently invited to attend SRD (assessment centre @ Shell) ?



I have got a call for SRD in the beginning of next year…


Have you already done with your SRD ? Could you share your experience please



Hi msoct06

haven’t got a date for my SRD

check ur wikijob msg :slight_smile:



has anyone gone through the Shell recruitment day? What was the day like?


i had gone through. unfortunately i have not been successful.

it consisted of

individual case study (lot of information, papers, emails, reports, press release etc. are given and in 1 hr you have to go through them and then make a 5 mt presentation on the issues and problems and solution and strategies. then about 30 mts question session by the reviewers).

group case study (similar to the above, but the social investment options have to be discussed and agreed upon a group (we were six candidates))

then technical presentation

in all the cases be prepared to show the CART things… thats the key for the success. so think about CART CART CART …

good luck


for the benefit of others i share some more information.
the business case study is based on a fictitious setting, a fictitious country called Aduki and shell has some activities and plan to increase the activities there by taking over more oil exploration, bidding, etc. you have to think about various issues like safety, environment, work force, etc also more important is financial data. u will be given charts, graphs, etc about financial and other oil data; so have a look and try to come up with some figures. also think about short term and long term strategy and what would be the broader implications of the decision. read emails and headings and try to catch the key words. think about increasing capacity of plants, ensuring safety, work life balance, local work force, satisfying the govt, stakeholders, etc. also care for shell employees. you will have to think about the budget allocated and hence see how u plan for short medium and long. there are env concerns like gas flaring from the plant, oil platform etc.


go through some of these case studies… might help


Thanks msoct06 for posting your experience. Sorry to hear you did not go through. Hope something comes up soon for you.


Has anyone heard back from shell after the telephone interview? I had mine over 2 weeks ago and no word from them


Hi favour001. I have a telephone interview with Shell in a couple of days and I was wondering if you could please share your experience with me? What were the questions they asked you and how long did the interview last ? Could you also please let me know what were the questions asked for commerical awarness and some tips on how i could prepare.

Your help would be very valuable.



Very similar to mscot06 above. Here’s my experience:

It was split in four parts.

Part 1

A couple of general questions about your career preference, why and location preferences.

Part 2 - Competency Based Questions

The main questions were followed by a variety of probing questions aimed at finding out specific things you did in certain recent situations /experiences. The probing questions tried to capture the usual SituationTaskActionResult or ContextActionResult. Make sure you know your stuff inside out plus what you would change wrt to your actions and what you learned about yourself just incase .

  • Proudest achievement

-Teamwork situation where there as a disagreement

-A time when you had to explain a complex or difficult issue to someone eg some bad news.

Part Three - Capacity

Given 4 topics to select one and have a chat about it. (depending on the time left or the programme, a topic may be given to you, ie no choice of topic). This was a brainstorming session really and there were enough probing questions to help you figure out what to say. Of the four this is what i remember though i’m not certain of the exact word for word wording of the topics. The topic you choose or get given may be defined for you and then the conversation starts.

  • Diversity and Inclusivenes

  • Helping Local Governements

  • Recruiting and Retraining high calibre staff

  • Social Responsibilty

Part 4

-Questions for the interviewer

Please share your experience especially if anything was different.


Thanks a lot for your detailed information.

how did it go?


thanks a lot for the info kokojobs :-)… i guess not much preparation can be done for part 3…was it difficult to answer any of the questions in part 3 in particular ?

Any info or advice u can give on how best to prepare for that part ?

thanks !


Also is there anything that u can particularly expect in part 3 … like a list of topics that keep getting repeated or something … or it just depend on ur luck that day ? :-p