Shell Internship Application Process 2013


Hey guys,

Sorry if this has already been previously covered - I’m a newbie.

This morning I had my telephone interview for a Geoscience Internship position with Shell in the UK. My interview went well - the recruitment consultant called me from The Hague, Netherlands and was friendly. It was fairly long (70mins) and very CART-orientated questioning.

However, towards the end of my interview she explained that should I be successful, an email will be sent to me with a request to attend a further day of interviews and tasks - the Shell Recruitment Day. I did question this and she confirmed that this was the procedure.

So, have they changed recruitment procedure for interns this year? I was convinced that after the telephone interview that was it - offer or rejection? Can anybody shed some light? Are any of you currently in a similar position - waiting for feedback post interview?



Hey geolondon,

I guess you’ve probably heard by now whether you made it through or not? I had my telephone interview for Product/Process Research last Tuesday and was told that yep the SRD is now the next stage after the interview. Sounds very challenging although I think they will take a while to let me know whether I passed the interview or not! If you have heard from them, how long did it take for them to get back to you? I hope the wait isn’t too long!



i’ve been waiting for 6 months after a succesful telefon interview!


Hi guys;

I will have phone interview next week 10th Sep. any advice from you please