Shell Internship 2012


Hi there. I’m applying for commercial internship and my career preferences are finance and trading. I would like to know what questions will they ask in the interview and SRD and advice for preparation. Any previous applicants who have applied to Shell, please share your experience here. Technical and commercial internship applicants are welcome. Thanks.




Hey Rajulalam,

Have u heard back from Shell yet? i m in the process of applying to commercial internship too.


Can any one please kindly provide an insight regarding the application timeline and the recruitment process please?


hey paperstone, I am sailing on the same boat. I applied like ages ago but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. on their website it says that they will b in touch with u two weeks after ur submission however, mine seems lik ages. BTW which division have u applied for? Good luck


I am in the process of finalising my application form- looking for Finance, what about you?


I m applying for commercial (contracting and procurement). Good luck n plz let me I kno if u hear anything from them after submission. If I hear anything regarding my application I’ll let ya know. Good luck once again :slight_smile:


I am also finalizing my application for a technical role, do you guys know when is the deadline for submitting applications for technical roles, also any advice regarding the application process is greatly appreciated in terms of answering questions and what will make your application stand out etc, I am applying for the graduate programme by the way, please let me know guys !