Shell Graduate Scheme 2016

Royal Dutch Shell


I thought I’d set up a forum thread for people applying for graduate roles at Royal Dutch Shell in 2016, to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Any contributions appreciated!


Has anyone had interviews yet? My application is still under review - assuming that’s not a good thing…


I think it might because they haven’t start to review your application yet, when is the deadline of the program you are applying for?


Hi i heard from shell regarding my graduate 2016 application about 2 months after applying and did my telephone interview about a month ago. The telephone interview lasted for about 1hour 45mins. I was told I passed the telephone interview 2 weeks later. I am now waiting for a date for the SRD. If you get through to the telephone interview make sure you stress on your relationship skills with others and your achievement outside academics. In my case, the interviewer was really nice and made me feel relaxed. Be very detailed with you answers because in my own case, i was very detailed and used the STAR approach and because I was detailed, the lady had to skip some questions because she said I already mentioned it in my previous answer. That alone made me feel extra confident. All the best of luck!!!


Hi, thanks a lot for sharing your application process, have you scheduled your assessment centre date? I haven’t applied it yet, thinking about submit my application this week, which business area you applied for? and did you upload the cover letter when filling in your application form online?
Thanks in advance.


They said they’ll let me know the date for the assessment centre. I doubt if you can book it yourself as it has to be booked by shell. I applied for corporate area. No I didn’t upload any cover letter just a CV. I am surprised that you haven’t applied long ago. Shell recruits on a rolling basis which means that should they find the required number of suitable candidate for a role, such position becomes no longer available even if the deadline is month’s ahead. You are always advised to apply on time to avoid any disappointment as roles get filled way before the deadline. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your reminding, I applied yesterday and doing my online test now. Hope the area I’m applying for have not closed yet… and best wishes to your assessment day!


Good luck with you application. You can actually know if the position you are applying for is still open or closed by clicking on this link Hope this helps!!!


yeah! it is still opening! when did you hear back from them after completing your online tests? I just finished mine, but haven’t received any emails


I heard back after like 2 months. Most people hear back within 2 weeks if their application have been successful or not. You should have received an email from Shell acknowledging safe receipt of your application. You didnt get any?


yes, I received the email informing me they are considering my application. How’s ur assessment day? have they arranged it for you?


Yes I have and it has been scheduled for 1st March.


good luck! I passed the online test but being rejected after they reviewed my application anyway


Aww sorry to hear that…Like I said most of the roles have already been filled up…incase of next time apply on time preferably as soon as the job vacancy becomes open. I will update you about how the assessment went. Cheers


hi bebesonice1, congratulations on being invited to the SRD with Shell. Have you applied for an enginnering role? and is the assessment centre being held in the UK?


Yes the assessment is held in London office and I applied for corporate function not Engr.


I applied a bit late, around a month ago and there is still no news. Sigh…


will shell recruit non-IIT students from india


Hi I applied for Shell graduate programme. I selected the technical (process engineering) role although I was aware that the role hadn’t yet opened. I am really confused as they say on their website that you can apply from September and December is the deadline, only a couple of the technical programmes have opened, the rest say ‘‘register your interest’’. When do they usually open the technical programmes?


I applied for the process engineering role as it was opened earlier in September. I completed the relevant tests but after that I was told that there weren’t any suitable opportunities so I assume maybe they have changed their minds about recruiting for a process engineering position.