Shell Graduate Programme 2012

The Graduate

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate if you guys can offer any tips and insight of how to answer questions in the further informations section of the application form, I have been struggling to come up with something good, please any help is appreciated ! I am applying for the graduate programme technical role, also how good are the chances of securing a job with a bachelor in engineering from a good university in the UK?
also do you guys know when is the deadline for technical roles?



Shell is recruiting all year round so you need to check the available positions on a regular basis.
I am applying for a commercial role and just finished my telephone interview. For me, I highlight some relevant experience in further information section to demonstrate and conclude my skills and competency. You can use the CART on shell’s website as a reference.

Good luck


Thank you for your reply hope all the best for you, can you please give more insight on the interview and what sort of questions did it involve, also in the application section of extra information how did you describe what you wanted to achieve from the work experience with Shell.



I didn’t put much information about my futrue achievement in Shell actually.

You can go to this page:

There are very detailed information for the telephone interview, it must be helpful for you.


Hi, I’m also currently applying for the technical graduate scheme and am through to the assessment centre.

The phone interview is split into 3 sections

  1. CART - as mentioned you will be asked the typical soft skill questions. Name a time when., achievement, teamwork, problem solving etc etc

  2. you will be given the choice to choose from 3 subjects. All random and energy related. You need to talk about it and then will be asked questions on it.

  3. you will be asked your views on nuclear energy.

Hope this helps


Hi TaoTev10,

Thanks for your comment. Would u please tell me how long did you wait for the SRD invitation after telephone interview? And when did you submit the application and when is your SRD please?

I received an email said

‘Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with Shell and for taking part in your recent interview.
We are now reviewing your qualifications and areas of interest against available employment opportunities. Your application is being given every consideration, so please be assured that we will contact you once a decision has been made.’

But I still haven’t hear from them now.


do you guys know how seriously they take the questions you get when you click the submit application, and what is the purpose of them?
because I spent very little time answering them compared to my main application sections, and do you know how long do I have to wait before I receive a reply from them,


Guys may i ask how long after submitting application it took shell to call you for interview.
My app is under review since June. I think its too long, right?


I did not spend too much time for that form. And for me it took about 7 days to receive the interview invitation after submittion. Good luck.


Dave, you should definitly contact Shell’s recruiting team to check your application status, as it is really unusual. It only took me one week to receive the interview invitation after my submittion on 5th Oct


I have submitted my application on the 1st of Nov and my applications status has now changed from under review to application received so I was just wondering what does that mean, and also how do you guys contact the recruitment team at Shell, do you have an email address or just phone them up and ask if that’s so at what numbers ?



You can contact Shell Recruitment Team via:
Your situation seems to be strange, because normally the stats will change from ‘application received’ to ‘under review’. You can email them with your application reference to check what is going on.
Good luck.


Hi ,

I received the same email as you after my phone interview in early nov. I emailed them and asked them what it actually meant. They said they are waiting for a suitable position and will call me back for SRD once there is an opening. So i guess you passed the phone interview too.

Just have to keep waiting i guess.

Anyway did u apply for post in Singapore or elsewhere?


Hi TimeMan,

They have emailed me and told me that I will be invited to a SRD in Jan 2013, but the date is not confirmed yet. BTW, I am applying for UK HR & Marketing.

Good luck on you application.


Hello All, I have been invited for a SRD but date hasnt been confirmed yet. Everyone in London, lets connect and practice. SRD is tricky…would be good to prepare in groups for this as well as other assessment centres. Kindly mail me


Any one attending a SRD in London or Hague. Want to connect with candidates to prepare in Groups. would be very fruitful


Hi OhhGraduate,
Can you leave your email address please? I am through to the London SRD in early January, but also waiting for the confirmed date now. I am happy to prepare the SRD together with you.


i am going to srd in hague in january. anyone else going?


and has anyone got srd in london? it seems they do not have any upcoming in London. only Hague is available.


Great Jacky…message me your email id. Will get in touch