Shell Application Form !!!!!!


Has anyone done the shell application please??? do u get to do a numerical test?? I really need any advice or tips on the application form!!


In the application form they asked for why you’ve chosen a particular division. How do you answer that sort of question???


My application was rejected five days after I submitted it and I am baffled because I thought it was a really good application meeting the outlined criteria.
I am annoyed that I cannot get any feedback and have to wait at least a year before applying again.
I think some feedback is deserved by those who took the time and effort to fill out the form and who would like to receive it.


Hi, has anyone done any telephone interview recently? Have you heard back from Shell?


@ King IB. I have been shortlisted and have a telephone interview in March.


I had mine at the end of January. They got back to me within 24hours.


KingIB you may have to be patient from my i applied online in Oct 2010 but only had my telephone interview mid Dec.