Shell 2011


Has any applied to Shell 2011 graduate programme?


Yes i applied for the 2011 grad programme, but did the online application last October, had the interview in Dec, and in Jan was invited to the AC in April


had anyone applied for internship? would appreciate if you could share your experience. have my interview on the 7th of march…

many thanks


Hi I had a telephone interview in early Feb for a summer internship. After 10 days I had an email saying that I had progressed and they are now looking for projects for me. They say at this stage that it is not guaranteed they will find one for me. So basically after the interview for summer internships is the last stage of the recruitment process.

The telephone interview for me was split into three sections:
First was preferences about working … what role why… duration I am available for

Second was behavioral

Third is a test where you pick a topic and then they ask you about it. Generally you need to have a good business thought process when answering these questions and be logical in your thinking. The questions are straight forward.

Also is anyone at the same stage as me?


Hi Fee89

Congratulations. that is good news and thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

I am bit worried about the 3rd section where you pick a topic. are they just some random topics? Can I please ask you what were the topics you were given?



I applied for the HR grad scheme late December, had the interview early January and was invited to the April SRD the following day; definitely been impressed with how quick they were for the HR route.

The topics for the last section of the telephone interview depend on the scheme you’ve applied for - there’s quite a lot of information about the interview on previous shell threads, although the topics I was offered were completely different - I guess they must know they get leaked! They don’t expect you to have much knowledge of the topic (they start by defining it), and just expect you to be able to identify issues. They prompt you quite a bit and will explain what they mean by the question so definitely not as daunting as it sounds!

Good luck!


Hi fee89

I am in the same position as you. Do you think this means we dont have to do an assessment day?


Well my interviewer told me that the telephone interview would be the last stage of the recruitment process and that if I was successful then a recruitment consultant would contact me and arrange meetings with project managers.

But yes I am little confused atm whether I have a job or not? I am told once you have a discussion with the project manager; if they feel you fit the project then you are given a job offer.

PS. Mine is a summer internship - IT


Yeh that is abit confusing! Lets just hope they fine openings, it all seems quite relaxed! Im doing procurement :slight_smile:


hi all,
i applied to srd last night but there was a problem, system logged me out at first then when i logged in, it let me see the pages i ve already saved. on the page uploaded files it wasnt showing anything though i uploaded four files, but because i was so bored of my hours long application, i didnt give a care and submitted it
now i m concerned if my files havent reached them, whom can i ask, looking at faq s they dont like to be asked any questions on submitted applications. do u have any idea?


Hi all…

I applied to Shell in Dec 2010 for a summer internship position. My phone interview will come up on 18 March, 2011…I am sure some people did theirs starting from March 4, 2011…Please tell us how your phone interviews went…Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse we are waiting


You need to understand that Shell employs high calibre individuals, people who can think for themselves and make decisions. Whilst I appreciate you wanting extra help (I myself am doing an internship and got help from this website), though what informtion is available, both here, and with some pretty basic looking around, should suffice. It’s fair to say that what information is already available allowed me to actually predict the interviewers next question to the word, and whilst there are a range of topics that can be asked at the end, there are always a few you can guarentee should be there, if one knew anything about the current climate of the energy industry.

Im sure you’ll do fine if you focus and LOOK, the informations already here…


Okay sir, I understand that Shell employs high calibre individuals, people who can think for themselves and make decisions.

Thank you.


Hi Fee89 and Alan829,

I hope you guys doing good.
I am @ da same position as you. my status reads Final assessment!. Did you hear anything yet? please let me know wat is happening, I am also bit not sure whether I have the job or not!.

Many Thanks


hi, i applied beginning of march and got a mail 10 days later that they will contact me for an interview in the ‘near future’ does any one have an idea how and when i would be contacted?


Is the internship period the same in every country? I applied in Nigeria and have not received any call. My status is still application received.


@Alutazik = the internship period is depend on the project you are assigned to. This is of course if you are applying for a summer internship. In my case they asked me how long I would be available for and then from that they chose a project that I could work on for that amount of time.

@xareed = in my case it took maybe three weeks for someone to contact me and tell me they found a project I can work on. So try not to be concerned but at the same time if you have any other job opportunities available to you I suggest that you not let this prevent you from perusing them (as a back up of course).


Thank you very much Fee89. Its like the process in your country is different from mine. The internship in my country usually starts between May and June after their teats and interview. I ll be waiting for their call or mail.



I applied early in March and was quickly emailed back to say that I would be invited for interview and that a careers coordinator would be in contact me in the near future. One month on and I still haven’t receieved any contact from Shell. I’ve tried emailing and phoning their recruitment department almost on a daily basis but I still just reach a mailbox.

Does anyone have a specific number (a person that works in the recruitment at Shell) that I could have so that I can directly contact them? I would be very grateful if you could email it to me!