SEO meet & greet


Does anyone have an SEO meet and greet coming up next week at Barclays? Can someone provide feedback/advice/tips if you have had one of these sessions before?

thanks :slight_smile:


I have that too. I think its just like a phone interview but in person. So basically the questions they’ll expect you to answer will probably be the usual ‘why bar corp?’, ‘why you’, ‘what can you offer?’ sort of things. What do you think?


I am not sure because the mail says talk about yours interests and division in a group environment…mine is on Wed at 2 :30…when is urs?


The whole group environment thing might be people sat around a table and talking about themselves? What division are you interested in?? Also, mines at 5.30. Is yours at Canary Wharf too?


Also, how are you preparing?


Also found this on student room (posted 3 weeks ago)
has anyone had a seo london meet and greet before??? if so what did you do etc. thanks

It’s not as hard as it sounds. You have to introduce yourself in front of everyone then discuss why you want to go into the division you’re applying for. Then you’ll get a follow up question about what you just mentioned or a general question about why Investment Banking? or something current in the news. All of this on front of everyone.

After that, topics will come up on the screen and everyone has to discuss/debate about their views and opinions on it.


thanks for that, very useful…I am just preparing like general questions: why my division, why am i interested in this career i.e investment banking…reading ft, economist…yes mine is at canary too…how r u preparing?


Ohh yours is in IB. Mines in corporate banking. I’m just doing the same really and saying why cb instead of anything else. Oh and also why barclays and how it differs. Are you going for an internship?


I am going for both internship and graduate role…u?


Anyone got the same meet and greet at 2.30 next Wednesday? I imagine there will be a mixture of us then because I want to go for professional services…


Just a little helpful knowledge for anyone who hasn’t had theirs yet…

I had mine today and theres probably 20 people, and you have to get up in turns and answer why you want to work in the area you want to. Make it concise and clear. Also be prepared to answer a couple questions. One of them will probably why this division over another, so just answer with your skills here. Also, those from today who wanted to work in IB had market related questions so deffo know what’s going on in the news.
Hope this helps!



have you guys heard back from Seo regarding your performance at the meet and greet?
I have not heard from them, and i completed the numerical test almost 2 weeks ago!


Hi, yes I have been recommended to Barclays Capital for finance…have a telephone interview for that…


when were you informed of this?


Hi all
Does anyone going SEO meet and greet day 30th November?


I am :slight_smile: is it the one at Barclays Capital…carnary wharf for 3:30?


mine at 12pm. Do you how much preparation can we do,? what will they ask? Do you have any idea?


yes, the same place but mine at 12pm, do you know any idea what will they ask?


I am as well…mine is at 2pm, canary wharf :slight_smile: I’ve chosen the HR division. In terms of preparation i’m lookin at questions like why HR, what skills can I bring to the division, challenges facing HR in IB etc


Can anyone please tell me how long it took for SEO to get back to you as I am yet to hear from them? Did you take the SHL test before the meet and greet with barclays?